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Dojo duelling improvements


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So I’m sure that some of you guys may have noticed this already, but I’ll say it anyway. The warframe duelling systems need improvements. here are a few things that I have problems with and would be great if DE could solve them.


-After 1 round, your health doesn’t regenerate. You will remain with your health from before, meaning if you won in an extreme battle, the other player will have an advantage over you since they have their health fully restored.

-Too small. Frames like protea with Grenade Fan could easily fill the whole room with slash procs, almost becoming an indefinite win for her. Due to the small size, it would be almost impossible to escape some  abilities, because you will not be able to hide from attacks or run.

-(some) augments and abilities don’t work. The hardest frame hit here’s is Ash. His 1 works all right, but his 2nd ability is useless, because a. The enemy can see your name tag, and b. You become visible when you start attacking. His 3’s augment doesn’t work, and his 4 only lets you mark the player once for every cast, leaving enough time for that wukong to completely pulverise you with defy.

-Do finishers even exist? I’ve been able to do ground finishers, but those stun-and-kill ones seem to not exist at all. Finishers are big in warframe, so removing them in pvp is just wrong. Excalibur with his radial blind doesn’t work either; players are only stunned for less than a second, not leaving any time for potential finishers.


DE is a great team which tries to balance out the warframe abilities as possible *glances nervously at Mag* but i sort of feel that the dojo duels were rushed a bit. Some abilities were completely stripped of their meaning, while other completely dominate the field. I hope this message reaches DE and they will fix it soon.

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