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Lavos Kit Ideas


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Just a fun thought exercise on our next Warframe.

Concoctions - Concoct and throw a flask of toxic quicksilver or corrosive alkahest that blinds and damages enemies in an area. Allies splashed by quicksilver heal over time, while alkahest cleanses status effects and grants brief immunity. Flasks on Lavos' body also shatter when shields are depleted to splash nearby targets with the last thrown concoction.

Viper Coil - Inject an enemy with lethal venom, as the viper constricts its victim dealing Viral damage per second that scales with enemy level. On kill, the viper leaps to a new target nearby. Coiled enemies or Lavos himself coated by Concoctions pass the effect along to the viper's new victims.

Essence Shift - Alter the elemental damage of your weapons while boosting status chance. Combined Elemental damage momentarily separates into their basic forms. Basic Elemental damage convert into their opposite. Deactivate early to reverse the shift.

  • Heat and Cold, Toxin and Electric are opposites.
  • Basic elemental damage split from a combined elemental damage type do not become their opposites.

Mass Transmutation - Emit an expanding radial pulse of alchemical reaction that grants Lavos and allies innate ammo mutation and equilibrium effects, while increasing Health and Energy Orb drop chances on affected enemies. Concoctions coating on allies and enemies renew their duration and splashes onto nearby targets.


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