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Prime Access Thoughts


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I have been playing warframe on PC for close to a year now, and have sincerely enjoyed my experience. The gameplay is fantastic, I really enjoy the leveling system, and customizing my warframe loadouts is a lot of fun. Playing warframe is an enjoyable experience, and it is clear that the development team is focused on presenting the best possible experience in all aspects. The development team listens to the player-base, and does its best to learn and grow. Because of my enjoyment of the game, the respect that I have for the dev team, and the fact that I needed some things in game, I have spent some money on plat so far to afford loadout slots, other slots, and other in-game items. Spending money on warframe is something that I don't regret at all.

I am now a MR 26 16000 away from 27. I am getting to the point where, outside of vaulted or event items, I am skilled enough or persistent enough that I should be able to get pretty much everything else in the game without spending money on plat anymore. However, I really appreciate the work that Digital Extremes is doing, and would like to pay for something to benefit DE that isn't plat. The two things that come up when I think of this are skins and Prime Access/Prime Vault.

The tennogen skins on PC often look cool, but since I need to buy them with real money instead of plat, I can never get them on sale. So they don't ever seem worth getting to me even if they look fantastic (like the new Hildryn skin).

The Prime Vault has fair prices and decent selection, but the prime vault is unpredictable and I like to make well informed decisions with my money. I really wish that the prime accessories for different warframes were always available, because they are simple cosmetics that I would probably buy if I had the time and space to access them (especially the new ephemera that Nezha Prime is coming with).

The Prime Access is the purchase that I would be most inclined to make in a vacuum mostly because I play Khora significantly more than any other warframe and buying her prime access to get access to the prime glyph, accessories, and warframe would be awesome. But $140 is a lot of money for me as a college student to spend one time on a videogame. And none of the other Prime Access packs have everything that I want. All that I would actually want to purchase would be Khora Prime, her glyphs, and her accessories. Everything else is extra that I don't need to get immediately (I am fine farming for it). And the price that I feel would be fair for something like that on its own would be in the $40-$50 range, but for my favorite warframe I could probably convince myself into buying the set of those things anyway for anywhere between $60-90.

I realize that all of this is probably intended, and that supply and demand is just part of economics, but I don't know what I am going to do next winter. I legitimately want to buy Prime things from DE, but the fact that the coupons don't apply to them and that their cost is higher than my willingness to pay just kinda sucks. I hope that someone on the warframe community team takes the time to read this and maybe to respond in some way, though I am not really sure what I want to hear.

Also, 15 loadout slots for MR 30 is nice, but could we get a global 15 loadout slots on top of that? I would like to have the option of having close to 70 loadouts because I use a lot of frames and have multiple loadouts for some of my favorites.

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