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Drazius, The Void Host


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Drazius is a concept I've been sitting on for a while. His abilities are centered around gaining void energy to power his ultimate ability, which then changes all of his skills to spend all of that void energy, before beginning the process anew. Being a caster-type frame, Drazius will come with high shields and lower armor/health, medium to long ranged abilities and he'll be quite synergistic.

His ultimate ability, which musters up a "Void form", gives him powerful void-based abilities in place of his regular form's skills. While in this form, most of his skills do not consume Warframe energy and instead consume the Void energy he's built up throughout the course of battle.


Armor - 150

Health - 100

Shields - 300

Energy - 200

Void Reserves - 300 (cannot change).


When Drazius' shields go down, a void pulse erupts from him, stunning all enemies within 15m for 3s. Enemies killed while affected by this void pulse drop Void Essence for Drazius. Void Essence grants 15 Void Reserves (Max 300). This pulse resets and is usable again 10s after shields fully recharge.



Blasts enemies with a short-ranged volley of void energy in a cone in front of you, causing them to become entangled with the void. While entangled, these enemies become void batteries as their life force is ripped from them to fuel Drazius' Void Reserves (displayed on the right side as a slowly filling gauge). If these enemies die while under the effect of Void Node, before the timer expires, Drazius only receives half of the Void Reserves they would normally provide. Higher Duration shortens the time it takes for Void Node to kill these enemies, allowing Drazius to gain Void Reserves faster. Drazius can charge his reserves faster by affected many enemies at once.

Drain - 25e

Duration - 15s

Range - 8m

Angle -  100º (unaffected by stats) 

Gain - 10vr (unaffected by stats)


Drazius reaches out to the void and becomes entangled, taking 50% less damage for a short time (this also affects damage to shields). While entangled, enemy melee attacks phase through Drazius, dealing no damage. Drains Void Reserves instead of Energy.

Drain - 50vr

Duration - 15s

Damage Reduction - 50% (unaffected by stats)


This ability causes void tears to appear in a wide radius around Drazius. While active, anomalous tentacles will shoot out of these tears and stab enemies in range, violently ripping Void Essence from them and dealing direct damage, building up Drazius' Void Reserves. This damage counts as Void. Affected enemies suffer a 25% slow for a short time. Channeled.

Drain - 50e

Drain / Second - 15 / s

Range - 15m

Reach - 5m

Damage - 100 / 300 / 500 / 800

Slow - 10s

Gain - 25vr / hit (unaffected by stats)


This ability takes advantage of Drazius' Void Reserves and transforms him. While in Void Form, Drazius' 1, 2 and 3 change for as long as he remains in this mode. 1 and 3 drain Void Reserves and 2 consumes Energy. Drazius' Health/Shield bars are also made invulnerable as the Void Reserves grant a Void Shield that absorbs fire and has significant damage reduction. After the shield runs out, Health and Shields return to their normal state. Anomalous waves of void energy ripple across Drazius while in Void Form. Can toggle Void Form on and off.

Drain - 75e

Void Shield - 200 - 1000 (20% - 100% vr determines shield strength)

Shield Damage Reduction -  75%


Consumes some Void Reserves to blast enemies with a powerful pulse of void energy, dealing damage and knocking them back. This damage counts as Void. Enemies killed by Void Blast drop a Void Essence, allowing Drazius to refuel while in Void Form.

Drain - 25vr

Range - 10m

Angle - 100º (unaffected by stats)

Damage - 100 / 250 / 400 / 550


Drazius becomes one with the void momentarily, becoming immune to all damage. This takes a heavy toll on his Energy.

Drain - 100e

Duration - 10s


Consumes a large amount of Void Reserves to cause a void explosion in a large area with Drazius as the epicenter. Enemies killed by this cause a void tear to open where they died, allowing a short-lived anomalous tentacle to attack another nearby surviving enemy, ripping some of their essence from them for more Void Reserves. The damage caused by this explosion and the anomalous tentacles counts as Void.

Drain - 100vr

Radius - 20m

Damage - 300 / 600 / 900 / 1200

Anomaly Duration - 10s

Anomaly Damage - 100 / 250 / 400 / 550

Gain - 15vr



So, there's my idea for a neat Void-based frame. An alternative to Xaku, with some pretty nifty abilities who can sustain himself if set up properly.

I would love to hear some feedback!


Edit Note: Had to fix a couple of things. Done now :D

Edit Note 2: Had to change the passive to be a little less OP if in a group with any other frame that recharges health/shields. Donezo!

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