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Change/Rework Void Fissure


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Hello Warframe!

In advance, sorry for my English. 

Well, an important thing in Warframe is to farm prime, do prime, farm again, sell after, farm formas, again and again...
So we spend hours in the Void Fissures.

But sadly, actually its every time the same maps, the same Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi. It's boring.
This is the base of prime, formas, reviewing diversity would be a good thing.

Can you please put more (all) maps on ours Void Fissure? Or just looking for a better Void Fissure? 

Good luck everyone 😶

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tbh, I feel like it should be another option when selecting ANY mission. We choose a fissure era and just go at it.

and some of the non endless missions should give more relics. like MDs should be 1-3 relics depending on the level and spys could be 2 per mission or something.

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