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  1. Naramon's Executing Dash

    well, in DS 100 they stated something about melee weapons for operators. but i do agree with you on the lack of any kind of context related to enemies hit by ED....or even HOW LONG they are open to finishers (a simple text desc would have helped...something I've been asking for since they dropped for PC)..that being said i was not confused, as i DID know that it meant switching back to the frame to make use of finishers for melee...as literally nothing else in the game has them.
  2. Add neon colours plz

    sure..but only if its limited to certain sections...like accents...i dont want to get blinded by warframes or operators.......more so than i already do.
  3. Is 'Skywing' not well balanced?

    afaik skywing is really only intended to get around faster..not really for combat use.
  4. Why lower sniper zoom. Answer me this DE

    I still think they need to add a level 3 zoom that can make the snipers effective to the 600+m falloff range.....though i really dont know what the draw distance is on the plains.
  5. LIVE [PC] Operation: Plague Star!

    Hey DE can you look at the Hemocyst spawnings? I can defeat the first 3 easily enough...but the fourth ramps up like crazy :| iirc, the level is 20,20,30,40....or was it 20x3 then a sudden 40? I normally wouldnt be having an issue...except that its HP for each part shoots up like crazy compared to the previous 3...as does its damage.....op top of the rest of the infested swarms....lets just say its an annoyance.
  6. you...didnt see the large orange ...well, boils on it??? things you can see from the top of the hill FAR to the north of the plains?
  7. Secura Lecta Not Activating Syndicate Radial Effect

    well...all the syndicate melees DO NOT have the syndicate affect....only the dagger from RV does due to being able to slot the augment
  8. LIVE [PC] Operation: Plague Star!

    Now that many of us have access to fighting the hemocyte...this event is MUCH better imo (i spend more time fighting it solo 4 times back to back than in any other part of the mission...which imo is fun). Can we PLEASE get the infested zaw parts be reusable BPs...even if you feel the need to increase the rep cost for each to 4k or 5k? (and all zaw parts in general...why they arent is quite ridiculous). Also, thanks for the standing changes...much easier to get to max rank now)
  9. Thanks for Watching Devstream #101!

    Aw, i missed the devstream on how to make warframe devstreams....oh that isnt what it was about?....well, still missed it anyways. Guess I'll catch up with the overview like i normally do. Thanks for doing these for the community :)
  10. Speed/Slow Nova build and weapons

    also, take note that duration affects how long the wave goes out to prime enemies...range only affects the explosion radius...so there are times where you may not WANT a large duration (such as in survivals against infested.) as for strength mods, Blind rage, Transient Fortitude, Intensify and/or energy conversion which is basically like TF but without the - duration, though you need to pick up an energy orb before casting to get that strength. The first two mods are corrupted mods and the last mod is one from Cephalone Semaris.
  11. Infested zaws...

    looking here http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Zaw#Crafting there seems to be quite a number of combinations...i cant really tell how many though. Yes it does include the new infested parts
  12. The Real Valkyr

    warframe stylized armor for pets? :P
  13. Infested zaws...

    it just takes any normal link, the infested parts are added to that
  14. Can you buy single Items when they're unvaulted

    from other players or you can farm them out...otherwise your only option is to get the whole bundle...prime accessories are only part of the bundle though
  15. Snatch & Grab (My Glyph)

    well all the PC ones are gone.cute glyph though :)