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  1. sounds like a better 3 for him (I never found a use for it at all sadly) AND makes it great for team play.
  2. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    why would that be fixed....razorwing IS archwing as far as the game is concerned.
  3. What do I do with these?

    jesus....and im over here only getting tiny numbers (mid double digits) of intacts because i cant find myself to care about the eidolons lol
  4. New Menu UI

    i may have a hard time seeing some text....but not THIS hard... .
  5. Prime Accessories Packs: What I'd like to see.

    for $75 or even $100 i would buy that....but $50 is far too cheap for that amount of stuff.
  6. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.5

    are t5 bounties ever going to get more rotations in? getting tired of seeing the same stuff with the occasional stance changing......something other than the furax wraith parts would be nice.
  7. plat with heart of ordis

    hmm, not sure to be honest...try a search for it?
  8. immunity? no (to OP). but resistance or even less duration from the effect...yes
  9. Odd Scannable object

    just remnants from an exploding barrel...saw this a few days ago in corpus captura.
  10. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    Escort bounties on the plains....the drones arent moving. edit: nvm...it seems you broke the bounties....AGAIN.
  11. Kubrow/Kavat energy freedom plan

    agreed for sure...ESPECIALLY for the moonless kavat skin....i have a rather annoying pale pink and it stands out so much lol
  12. her 1 and 2 scale...her 3 and 4 do not....thus her damage does not scale...its the ENEMY damage to 1 and 2 that make it crazy....something chroma can no longer do
  13. so far the main things i think should be changed/added. her 1 should not lock us in place while we charge it. Her 2 has a rather short range before it explodes...maybe if it only exploded on impact? I wish her 3 was helpful against melee units...like slash/impact procs to melee enemies that come in range so they dont just come up from behind and nail you across the head (ive had that happen quite a few times today on t5 bounties lol) Her 4....i like having the 4 tornadoes, i would prefer if her augment made it one large tornado with a large AoE that was stationary......and change the base damage type away from magnetic...its useless against literally anything but corpus....i would rather make it so maybe energy color determined the base damage type (yes im going chroma here.....but only for her 4)...OR a quiver style for damage tornado type (of the combination elements perhaps instead of just base elements?)
  14. prior to the major update a couple days ago, the naru syndana used to follow red colors properly....now its afflicted by the Nekros Irkalla issue...with what seems to be a perpetual blueish lightning to the energy considering im using a red from the halloween pack (row 1 column 1 from top left)....which can be seen on all my lights...its pretty jarring....and other reds appear pink as well. this is a red from the storm pack 1st column, 6th row from the bottom left had one of my clan mates check and even he said it was a pink....hot pink.....its literally red on everything else.