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  1. This is great....but can we also get the ability to scale the hud to the middle screen?
  2. Any chance we can get the UI in RJ to show how many IP we have gotten during a RJ session? Now that im rank 7 in 3 of the areas and rank 8 in 2, it would be nice to know this.
  3. considering how much easier it is to level deimos reps vs venus and earth.....yes, yes it is. I grow tired of having to run the 2nd heist over and over and over again just to get the needed systems that SHOULD be buyable from rank 1 to we can at least make SOME progress at a steady rate.
  4. have you tried jumping while using 2? That works for me.
  5. +1 for a slingshot toggle. There are times i love it and times i hate it.
  6. oh wow O_o didnt realize that. Goes to show how little they added then. I tend to have a habit of being above the enemy when im throwing off AoE abilities so im not getting hit whiel casting.
  7. I like Lavos.....but he honestly really only shines as an RJ Pilot or Gunner with his Cooldown instead of energy. His 4 NEEDS verticality PLEASE! it would be amazing for CC ( i HATE LOS checks in a horde game........) but it cant hit anything that ISNT on the same level as the player.
  8. maybe dont make it cost thousands of intrinsic PER SECTION and we wouldn't find ways to make it better to gain. 10k affinity per ONE intrinsic is ridiculous, even WITH a booster. That being said, still wont change my crew comp as knowing i WONT fail the mission at all unless my RJ actually hits 0 is a nice incentive to play RJ and not quit it outright like i did when it first came out.
  9. i wouldnt mind XD OT: he is at least good for boss kill NW.
  10. O_O this will be great for my friend who is just getting into warframe
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