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  1. I'd also check and see if you have a dragon key equipped.
  2. I cant speak for the console version (honestly hoping it can get ported to the witch somehow...i would LOVE that, even if the game chugs at late game even on beefy computers), but the PC version is fun as hek, especially once you start adding mods into the mix to make it even better. for example, im attempting a game that is star trek modded, though I have tried others in the past such as star wars or Stargate.
  3. i could see double tapping aim as a toggle for holding or toggled aim.
  4. build up the combo with primary, nuke them all with the secondary. Hokonar scope is really the only mod that is really needed with this sniper.
  5. want to bounce off this and have it so that the spear will stay where it was thrown until picked up or Press F.Ferrox would be great for a primary CC, but its auto recall makes it rather useless in that regard.
  6. just started playing with this....the reload time is WAY too long for sure...innate ammo conversion means you really arent hurt too much for ammo. the rather low crit chance and base damage is off putting fir sure. the zoom abilities should be swapped....and such low zoom rates make this thing feel like a poor battle rifle than a sniper....especially since you have to be zoomed in to get the effect...may as well just get rid of the zoom and have a mode switch (ie make it a rifle in terms of everything but modding *which is debatable due to the negatives*)
  7. melee 3.0 perhaps? could be one reason its [DE]layed for so hekin long
  8. Enemies that can disable our powers at range.....REALLY DE REALLY?!?!? (goes to put equinox back on the dust pile of other frames that make use of toggled abilites)
  9. so overall, i REALLY like the game mode...but i really wish it scaled properly based on the amount of players....4 consoles per round in solo is crazy long....4 rounds takes me 20 mins 😐 i spend MOST of that time between consoles looking for an amalgam that drops the key.
  10. that moment the I update for .2 just as .2.1 drops ahhaha
  11. why.....WHY cant we get a mod that makes sentinels NOT useless once they are fully destroyed and out of Regen (which should NOT have a limit whatsoever)
  12. they arent....Season ONE is ending in less than 40 mins....next season will start in a few weeks.
  13. i dont care for its throw mechanic...would have much preferred Wolf's 3 path attack on slam and the charge attack being his whirlwind....at least then it would have been unique.
  14. no way to currently. do a lot of us want it? god yes.....are we ever going to get it? probably not.(looks at the useless ghoul messages)
  15. i would love to use archwing weapons more in non open world missions....especially since as of now, there is only ONE enemy that drops "ammo" for the heavies and it only appears on OV. they should make it so that if an archwing weapon is on CD, enemies have a chance of dropping the ammo, ANY enemy. a la arbitrations with revives that are only dropped when an ally is "killed" That being said, ive only ever really used the Larkspur so cant really talk to much for the others when on the ground.
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