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  1. im still going to replace this with a better ability. the rest sound good though.
  2. does it have to be POE? Ive always done this challenge on draco with pipes to funnel the enemies thru and hitscan with punchthru weapons
  3. mmm i always forget about client host connections. i dont do anything in a group anymore unless its the rare eidolon or leveling.
  4. is it less convenient that the old zenurik passive of 3 energy a second at all times? yes. but i can do a full rotation in about a second. so 1-1.5 seconds every 25-30 second (IF its needed that often) isnt really an issue.
  5. to bounce off this....its Frost's 1 to pop the globe....i NEVER knew about this until years after the fact (i also hate using frost unless im solo and dont want to use my Peaceful provocation equinox) the nice thing about this is that the squad UI actually has an energy bar under the player status. but still great to ask.
  6. sweet....anyone want to place bets on how long the intermission will last? I didnt even START Glassmaker until the 5th episode came out and CASUALLY I am at 42....lol
  7. yeah i DO agree on that. I was just saying that (so far) only the umbra forma is honestly worth the high cost....but yeah 30k endo or even the 50k kuva is a joke for anything more than even 75 essence.
  8. why do most players use this as an excuse that numbers are too high (Which they ARE for some items...I can understand an umbra forma being the high cost it is). The reason being is that steel essence is NOT limited to just the alerts....you can quite literally go run the Venus Dark sector (or any other SP endless...i just use that one the most due to only having ancient disruptors as heavy units). Yes, the alerts are basically 100% chance at 15 essence a day running the alerts....but the acolytes do spawn in normal SP missions.
  9. After having done all three parts of the Op...I soloed the first one after not fully understanding what to do (Tried with the basic mechs first...it was crap), 2nd run of the 1st I used my unranked BoneWidow with its archgun and, well...recked it lol. Pugged the 2nd and 3rd parts and honestly had a freaking blast. It was ACTUALLY fun. I honestly cant wait to eventually use my mechs in normal missions (endless survivals ofc....its all i really play as the other endless modes are quite boring...though non SP survivals are so bloody boring now, but I dislike the health, armor and shield buffs
  10. still looks HORRID vs the first 2 (I only got the gilded thinking it wasnt going to WHITE OUT my entire clan emblem...the 2nd one looks FAR better) There is a glowing mass in the middle of it you have to shoot
  11. its more than likely some type of bug they haven't worked out yet. Remember that it is an entire model swap, not just a normal skin. They probably need to look at the coding of the universal shotgun and rifle skins to optimize them for the kuva variants. Could besomething they will look at come 2021.
  12. unmodded weapons though....at least the frames have scaling hp, shields and armor.
  13. honestly, if there was an actual reason to use k drives instead of archwing in the open worlds, like they move FAR faster than archwings or natural/enemy enforcement prevents archwing use (ie. grineer have amassed anti air turrets, venus has the cold and warm cycles making tons of storms, deimos is too clogged with spores to see anything higher than normal, etc.) they would find more use. That was my initial thought when they announced OV, where the storms prevented archwing use ENTIRELY (except titania ofc), thus we HAD to use k drives to get around faster.
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