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  1. its random for the LARVA.....you can indeed choose which weapon your lich has, in addition to the element as already mentioned. It is al la matter of seeing which weapon the larva has BEFORE stabbing it. (ive only done a few lich, but ive gotten lucky and got a bramma twice (first was impact, 2nd was toxin and currently working on the archwing one) Fortunately, doing a quick mission while larva hunting with the proper frame makes it rather easy. RNG willing ofc.
  2. for your weapon specific, ALL the amalgam mods that are weapons specific should be family specific. I love the amalgum daikyu mod, but dont really like the daikyu too much. It effectively is a stat mod for my nikanas lol
  3. oh? there is still something that this affects? rip tactical alerts. Looking forward to getting some beach balls for my pets.
  4. Zenurik and ammo pads this sounds fun TBH....i cant recall the last time i EVER did a wall grab on purpose (apart from the rare riven challenge) hmmm, Harrow/Gara with her 4, it is XD not in a horde game modes....i recall that was one of the things DE tried with the aura units a few months ago and players HATED it.
  5. because we are MEANT to be golden gods......instead of nerfing interesting stuff they should be balancing dated content and make ALL damaging abilities scale against enemies, not just specific ones.
  6. sure, except for the fact we have to do rads for lichs thus always needing tracers....thus always needing to do void relic runs XD but OT: makes me wonder IF the new steel path will give us the option for boosters.
  7. nope, your over a year and a half to late sadly. though there are rumors of cross saving eventually being looked in to. ( as it well should be as there is no excuse to NOT have it as so many games out there already do that are multiplayer. but i understand that this can take time)
  8. make me wish IPS mods acted like elemental mods then. then i could add slash/impact/puncture to weapons that DONT have them.
  9. Ivara with a high range build, concentrated arrow (artemis bow augment that has aoe explosive arrows on headshot hit) and prowl....rewards precision AND has an aoe. though she isnt too tanky with hunter munitions for slash procs and viral build on artemis can be good (viral increases the damage done to health up to 10 stacks)
  10. 😕 just add self damage back to it......no really. you guys took WAY to dang long in nerfing this thing, then nerfed it into oblivion..........GRADUAL NERFING for tenno's sake 😕
  11. or just use the prime frame that has better stats anyways?
  12. thats great. Can you make it so it DOESNT go after melee units or units that have already been hit by DH?
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