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  1. just want to say that you did an AMAZING job at this :D
  2. Could we get the innate viral damage from the plague keewar and kripath added to the Akwin and Bokwin parts? This would allow for more weapon types than JUST staff, polearm, rapier and scythe. Personally I only have a staff and polearm of keewar and bokwin, but would love to add more and give more modular weapons that infested look, but I would loose out on the innate viral damage. Personally I just wish we had new or redone staff stances as well as they feel so boring.
  3. Vayas Mask is under Eye Accessoires when it should be under Mask and the Diadem is under Facial Accessories when it should be under Eyes. It may be a diadem...but my first instinct was to check the eye slot as it covers the eyes. Fortunately the Vayas Ears is just fine and is under the Ears category. THEY LOOK AWESOME :D
  4. tbh, it WOULD be great, but the vitrica is a 2 handed blade whereas the skin is for one handed blades. I do like the idea of having a glass style 2 handed skin though.
  5. I really feel like the fire modes should be swapped. I feel like lobbing explosives at the targets is great, but im NOT a fan of the burst fire for it....but i feel like it would be great for the barbs.
  6. so we cant sit in a mission any more and farm tons of it....at least we NOW get 100% chance of 2 (multiplied by boosters) no matter the mission.
  7. my feedback so far...LOVE the new addition of acolytes in endless missions...especially survival :D BUT can you PLEASE look at how enemy level interacts with their powers? Ancient disruptors suck ALL energy away in a single hit.....and with these enemies NOT being special its quite stupid to go from full energy to nothing in an instant. it should be NO MORE THAN 25% on a hit WITH an immunity period to not losing energy. Addition: I also feel that we should have a boss bar for when an acolyte is active so we can keep track of whether its dead or not.
  8. FOR THE LOVE OF AMMO....if your going to have such low ammo counts MAKE ARROW MUTATION INNATE!!!! 9 shots and that is it...really....... could you also increase the grab range of the arrow? its rather small. I also want to say THANK YOU for adding acolytes (bosses) to SP...especially Survival :D makes it SOOOO much more enjoyable....now to update the NORMAL survival PLEASE.
  9. ah ok. Yeah I can get behind that for sure.
  10. Options > chat > untick the categories you dont want to see? You can also minimize the chatbox so you dont see it....but no real reason to unless your playing solo all the time.
  11. I noticed this when i was trying a chroma vex and a night PP equinox. wasnt sure if it was a bug or something. but it really drains it quickly.
  12. and that is complete crap tbh. Its all rng, but MORE OFTEN THAN NOT non SP survivals in solo lack npcs spawns in general. SP is far better in terms of spawns IN ADDITION TO all the other crud they have tacked onto it. All DE MUST do is make spawns equal to SP....they no SP sure as hell lacks any of the other tacked on stuff after all. Even Arbitration survival needs the same spawn increase. Survival ISNT an exterminate, even if it feels like one. yeah...and yet it seems that O2 drops are reliant on enemy level....where the lower the level the more drops...really noticeabl
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