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  1. yes..you did add the tag...but you NEED to add it to the title itself as requested by DE themselves.
  2. Kalvorax

    best weapon for umbra?

    i figure anything that is good for Duality Equinox will be good for Umbra Excal. I look at this from time to time to see if anything works with it.
  3. Kalvorax

    Umbra Hooded Scarf

    would need a secondary toggle specific for that then....i for one love the lower face covering.
  4. Kalvorax

    Warframe exalted weapon riven mods

    nope...wont happen...
  5. Kalvorax

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    is it so hard to KEEP head and eye accessoires active when the hood is up????
  6. Kalvorax

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    so im guessing that Dual Toxycyst's buff wont apply to these anymore....::| bah
  7. Kalvorax

    why is umbra yelling? what you think

    earth probably....though Lua is a bit too close if that is the case
  8. Kalvorax

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][Possible Spoilers]

    now if they would just announce it officially on the forums lol
  9. i call bs on it being too late....look at ALL the frames they've changed suddenly after YEARS of them having the same play style....shouldnt be hard to simply switch the damage styles and make spore spread a base of 3 meters on enemy death (not just inital enemy)
  10. Kalvorax

    Heavy blade skin.

    it looks like the blade is getting infested....I like it 😄
  11. Kalvorax

    New Transference warframe

    personally, i would only want to use transference on the toughest enemies to get them out of the way, while using their abilities and weapons (with their damage scale) to get rid of lessers.. I hope transference plays some kind of role in The Sacrifice, as it hasnt been touched on at all since the Golden Maw.
  12. Kalvorax

    Add an "Offline" or "DND" option for chatm

    its already a thing. just not documented well at all. https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-26
  13. Kalvorax

    Why is elite onslaught no longer random?

    it always has been the same rotation...its a new rotation each week..only normal onslaught is random each run
  14. Kalvorax

    I was bored. Made something.

    i like how you even included the changes to specs 😄