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  1. Kalvorax

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10

    all i can ask is.....Why now? and will the other crappy auras follow suit with buffs?
  2. tbh, the only thing that i have found that was holding my use of companions constantly was the lack of item vacuum when using them, ever since fetch was added i find them viable again, though kubrows i havent used in forever except maybe huras or the one that fetches plants for silver grove mods.
  3. Kalvorax

    [Nintendo Switch] Version progress

    https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1196-nintendo-switch-update-notes/ That being said, IIRC anything that is "locked" on the switch from the transfer from PC will be unlocked when that update arrives (ie. any fortuna content you have will be unlocked once its on the switch). Also, you WILL lose boosters, plat, acolyte mods, arcanes and rivens on copying over (their excuse is so that it doesnt destroy the switch market, which is kind of understandable)
  4. Kalvorax

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    primey 😄
  5. Kalvorax

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    can you put up a pick of the operator with all 3 pieces on at once?
  6. Kalvorax

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    dang that is looking great 😄
  7. Kalvorax

    Unarmed Melee

    IKR....its even in the event missions like the Halloween one where we were restricted to no weapons
  8. Kalvorax

    Given How Godly Paracesis Is....

    not like that will matter when/if 3.0 melee comes
  9. Kalvorax

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...TETHER the target(s) to the floor....they are USELESS when they are floating AWAY from the enemy and to cloud 8.....
  10. I know WHY it was done....but FFS, some of those arcanes are STAPLES for a lot of vets....and many of them are USED to having the arcanes at least. (rivens i can careless about tbh)...almost makes me NOT want to copy my pc progress over now.
  11. switch release of warframe.....
  12. i figuered tennogen and steam exlusive stuff for sure....but the ignis wraith as a weapons also.....yes i know the BP is locked...but FFS. thanks for the list
  13. sssssoooo, where is this so called list of items that wont transfer (such as tennogen)...the link in the migration page links back to the migration page..............
  14. thank you....this is what i really wanted to know. that being said, i would also like to know what WOULDNT be copied over apart from purchased plat. I have Chroma's Prime accessories and would be rather annoyed if i lost that on the switch version (along with the boosters)
  15. is it REALLY so hard to make said items locked until they are available on the switch via patch O_o......why the hek would i want to copy from pc to switch then.......the plat i can KINDof understand....but its still kind of lame.