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  1. Will the current { spoiler } variant be moved to Naramon (as it should have been since release......) since it is PURELY melee only and Naramon IS the melee school? I never understood why it was under Zenurik at all (woo energy efficiency on MELEE only, instead of WARFRAME energy efficiency *I like to run blind rage on some of my builds and it would make FAR more sense, ESPECIALLY since there is a 175% cap on it anyways*), in particular due to it effectively being a free reflex coil.
  2. this and sacrifice NEED to make the companion invulnerable so they dont get blown to bits/killed while reviving the tenno. I also think that Djinn's Reawaken mod should be allowed on ALL sentinels....otherwise Djinn is the best to use for endless missions. I also think that it needs a means (like headshots perhaps?) to reduce the timer as 90 seconds can be seem very long at certain times, especially in high levels.
  3. the thing that ticks me off with her is that with her 3 and her augment you have to charge it up....her night form is a literal middle finger to players who WANT to slow the enemies down (looks at infested :P) and if you DON'T have a self damage weapon on you, your SOL, even more so if you get "respawned" some how. I mean, her 4 works off of damaging/killing enemies as well as her 3 Day Augmented....but her 3 Night form is completely the opposite where you have to TAKE damage to charge it. I do agree that she needs to be looked at though. I dont use her for a Maim build as that is boring as hek.
  4. I like disruption, i jsut wish it didnt take all four nodes when going solo...
  5. so with vauban getting rollers that follow him...can WISP get her motes to follow her so she isnt a camping frame? I LOVE wisp, but HATE having to sit in one spot when using her motes.
  6. pathocyst is a MELEE weapon, not a secondary weapon.
  7. see, PLEASE make it look like the Fire exmi units...they look FAR better than this always has.
  8. i see your single and x10 and raise you x100 (of anything :P)...no really,since they refuse to do a queue of items < than an hour long (NOT THAT I KNOW OF)
  9. honestly, while it is working as expected....the slow appears to be be a MAX of the 18%....but ONLY once the infested are already on top of you. makes it more useless (even with a full squad..we should not NEED everyone to use the same aura, for a noticeable affect) over nearly any other aura mod in game (a couple of the news ones are added to my list) there is a cap of 75% right? then buff the aura to 25% so it at least has some noticeable affect (especially with coaction drift) that is IMMEDIATE at a max of 20 meters (yes im buff it, so what)...would sure as hek make it easier to test whether this thing is bugged or not.
  10. interesting ideas, but Ive already seen on twitter (and here) that he is getting a rework already in progress.
  11. not sure how that matters since you can literally go back to the previous weapon you were using just by aiming.....the whole reason they are doing melee 3.0 (even if they are taking for-freaking-ever on it)
  12. *Makes one game mode that encourages SMALL short runs (SO/ESO)......then changes another game mode that is LONG runs*....you guys need to make up your minds on how long you want us in missions for........ Im glad that we are going back to the 5 min rots, as the 10 min rots were invasion levels of boring about time this has been added elsewhere instead of boring kuva survival....and no, disruption is NOT an exciting game mode...its also boring tbh, i just wish we could create our own missions by now with their own modifiers (a la dark sectors and nightmares)...im tired of running the same tiles over and over now......i WISH we had survivals on planet tilesets like we did BEFORE excavation came out...I miss those.
  13. so, UNNMODDED..(forgot to put mods on weapons lol) the secondary is FAR better than the primary in every way except reload speed. the primary doesnt have any blast dmg to its rockets like the secondary and the damage is pathetic for such a high fare rate weapon with abysmal ammo pool. I want to say add the homing mechanic to the primary and up the dmg or at least add blast to it. I honestly love the homing mechanic of the secondary, makes seeing the blue trails look GREAT (also forgot to fashion them both haha) As for Gauss, I like his 2, but his 3 hold seems like a rip off of Ember's 3, though with a diminishing ring. I really dont understand his 4 at all, especially since its base duration is low when leveling.
  14. found the proper place to post FB
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