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  1. Kalvorax

    Is there any way to restore health for chroma?

    Furis with Winds of Purity
  2. anyone else find rev boring? i honestly don't like his 4, even after the nerf to 20 base energy/sec.....it makes his 1 even more pointless than before, his 2 is your 100% uptime survivability (because shields still suck) and SLIGHT CC and his 3 is an energy hog for pitiful "healing" they should redo his 4...how, im not sure yet, but on initial leveling of him, i used his 4 almost exclusively and got VERY bored...the only saving point is status against armored targets, but that is all....to the point i ALMOST want to get rid of rev, makes his 1 cause the thralls to be allies (a la nyx's 1, but more "allies" that are invulnerable to squad fire and MAYBE get rid of the duration in exchange for overall less tankyness, so they perish on death. His 2....eh, not too sure about it apart from adding a 0.3 to 0.5 invul phase like inaros's 4 aug, and make his 3 open enemies to finishers hit by it...just like naramon's dash, but without the extra damage..
  3. Kalvorax

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    tbh, after seeing the POSSIBLE stats of chroma prime (come on , its not hard to know that it happens EVERY time a new prime is coming soon)....i kinda wish he would get a bump in shields so that Vex Armor can get its full charge on losing shields at base without having to resort to Vigor to get just enough for it.
  4. Kalvorax

    Chroma Prime Access Arrives September 25th!

    a prime accessories worth getting to be sure 😄
  5. Kalvorax

    How much data does Warframe use?

    considering there is very little data to be exchanged in solo mode (saving of stats and sessions) its really not that bad for a mere 5 mb/hr.if not less.
  6. *is going thru wallet for cash* SCREW IT *tosses cards at HitsuSan* GIMMIE!!!! 😄
  7. Kalvorax

    Does the alarm annoy you?

    im more ticked off that it goes from no alarm straight to lockdown...no matter the mission type that has hackable consoles....especially when its 3-4 times in a row with maybe 10 seconds between shutting it off and it going back to lockdown.
  8. Kalvorax

    Range stat??

    with melee 3.0 coming...is range really going to matter on stance and attacks? all i really know about range related is that they are all basically going to be aroudn the model's length with the range mod not doing anywhere near what it does now.
  9. I know recently DE made changes so that aacolyte mods were not available for Mesa's Peacemakers as they didnt do anything...maybe that change is applying to the Dex Pixia as well?
  10. especially considering the shear amount of damage types that bypasses shields.
  11. these are GREAT.....however...CUT THE ENERGY COST DOWN FOR DM........change it back to what it was and make the Pressing go at a higher drain rate....
  12. Kalvorax

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    now, do the changes WITHOUT arcane guardian....XD
  13. Kalvorax

    All Platform Double Credit Weekend!

    i hope these are more frequent now....yes i know boosters are a thing, but come on 😄
  14. Kalvorax

    A Question for the PC players about fragments...

    possibly. I went into an ODS right after we got the update and have a framefighter and a somachord....but couldnt find the normal fragment (not that it really matters to me as i have them all)