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  1. what Graphics card brand are you using? If its AMD running the 2020 drivers then that alone could be your issue. I myself am running an AMD MSI R9 390X on the final 2019 drivers just fine, but had issues with any of the 2020 drivers. The AMD subreddit has been going crazy over the issues arisen lately due to the drivers. I wont be of any help with nvidia cards as i have "yet" to use any.
  2. yeah, after i wrote this I found that when doing finishers against enemies the sentinel will ALSO take full agro. I had one grineer literal melee it to death as i was doing a finisher on another enemy 😐 So it is definitely an agro problem.
  3. Would there be any way to make Djinn used Sacrifice instantly upon the warframe going down? Its going to blow up at the end of it anyway. More often than not I take Djinn with me to endless missions or even high level missions just because of its Reawaken Precept of respawning after 90 seconds. If i go down it will almost instantly take ANY aggro and get destroyed, thus making the sacrifice mod pointless. I also think that the Reawaken mod should have some...incentive...to make the cooldown faster, like headshots with a secondary or multiple kills within x amount of seconds takes off 10 seconds of the timer. There are times where 90 seconds feel like eternity, especially in endless missions. personally, i feel that Reawaken should be a staple for ALL companions, not just djinn. the Regen mod helps, buts its limited uses is rather cumbersome in endless missions and/or hiugh level missions with enemies having a ton of splash damage that will one shot them anyways. I know WHY it was designed for djinn, but that sentinel is still so paper thin that its useless for what it was designed for and instead is a utility to keep at least one sentinel viable.
  4. I do understand it. DE has NEVER thought to look at how enemy design is messing up enjoyment for players in the past. It was one reason I quit playing the First Division game, as it had spongy af enemies and got tiring quite quickly....warframe is sadly going the same route to me.
  5. DE gave us the paracesis and now the shedu both of which have the ability to remove the adaptation, with the shedu being an AOE burst.....oh no we have to use weapons DESIGNED to fight them.......... Who knows, maybe Operators will actually be worthwhile soon(tm). I for one never really use them except for derelict runs and the rare eidolon capture (because i hate them time wait)
  6. I wish it was TRUE white....Vauban in White primary......with the sigil on White primary and Prime Yellow on Secondary for energy color......come on.....this garish grey is not right.
  7. Absolutely stunning work O_O
  8. ok, that was pretty damn cool
  9. They are looking into cross-save, but no timetable on when or even if it will happen. That is the closest that account migration could happen, especially since all account migrations I've seen have been FROM PC to the new platform and in a VERY limited window, most recent was when the switch version launched back in 2018 and had a window of a few weeks if i recall. its better to start out from scratch than to hope for an account migration.
  10. you would have gained 10k standing with NL and 5k in Perrin. BUT the ally does not affect the limit, as only the primary mission or sigil in use is the one that is part of the cap. Thus you would still have 5k left. For example, I have 24k daily limit, If I gained all that in Steel Meridian, 12k of that would ALSO go to Red Veil as a "bonus", while i would lose standing in Perrin and NL if i wasnt at the floor of the rankings). The only way around the cap is via the medallions, thus it would be best to complete the syndicate missions and finding all the medallions and turn them in after hitting the daily cap.
  11. if range from player/player pet <= 10 meters, then dont explode but fire a regular arrow. if range is > 10 meters, explode. I mean how hard is it....Acceltra should be THE example to use for any type of self damage weapon
  12. hmm kubrows to Biz and Kavats to Master Teasonai, a simple text change for either. Mainly because Kubrowdons on Vallis and Kavats on the Plains. I do wish they would add some way for us to have our pets out of stasis roaming around (when the EVENTUALLY get to the Pets 2.0), I want my puppers and kittens runnign around if i dont mature them ahhaha.
  13. Ivara hasnt even been out for 2 months yet. So probably Late march early April.
  14. Do you understand the feature of the zenith? its alt-fire fires a disc that shows where enemies heads are within i think 15-20 meters of it, adds unlimited punch thru and changes the rifle to semi mode and i think each shot counts as 2 instead of 1, cant be sure on the last part as i havent used the zenith in forever. this disks lasts until reload, either manually or end of magazine.
  15. remod it? the wiki states that the numbers your claiming are the BASE stats.
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