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  1. Kalvorax

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    primey 😄
  2. Kalvorax

    Mesa Prime Access Coming Soon!

    can you put up a pick of the operator with all 3 pieces on at once?
  3. Kalvorax

    Arch weapons as ground weapons..

    we are getting arch weapons to use on the ground with the fortuna major update 2...at least from what ive seen
  4. Kalvorax

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    dang that is looking great 😄
  5. Kalvorax

    Unarmed Melee

    IKR....its even in the event missions like the Halloween one where we were restricted to no weapons
  6. oh believe me, i would Love to have a sim portal myself...there is that console to the left of navigation that doesnt have anything.
  7. Kalvorax

    Given How Godly Paracesis Is....

    not like that will matter when/if 3.0 melee comes
  8. Kalvorax

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...TETHER the target(s) to the floor....they are USELESS when they are floating AWAY from the enemy and to cloud 8.....
  9. Kalvorax

    Foundry Queues

    honestly, i can see queues being useful for the one minute builds (particularly when in missions rather than sitting at a foundry for 10 mins...maybe let them go offline to a certain amount?)....anything else would be rather pointless imo.
  10. mmm good point...makes me wish we could use the simulacrum to make zaws and kitguns to test out there. yes i know we have previews and such....but there IS a difference between paper and actual tests.
  11. not if we have to level it up each time....and MAYBE lose forma when we change the part that gives MR.
  12. Kalvorax

    Weapons In Switch Version

    well, for one, the migration was PC to Switch only....meaning nothing was copied over.
  13. Kalvorax

    Riven and Arcane situation on switch

    how it should have been instead of punishing vets.
  14. I know WHY it was done....but FFS, some of those arcanes are STAPLES for a lot of vets....and many of them are USED to having the arcanes at least. (rivens i can careless about tbh)...almost makes me NOT want to copy my pc progress over now.
  15. switch release of warframe.....