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Deimos Enemy Spawns and Types


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It seems to me that Im doing nothing but kill Juggulus enemies all the time (the immobile sausage sticking from the ground). As soon as Ive chopped down one cluster of 3, two more pops up somewhere else. Its like a hydra or something. 

Considering that the spawns in Deimos seem to be very low during the bounties already, I feel like having so many Juggulus popping out of the ground like mushrooms during a rain just takes space and time from any other enemy types.

My suggestion would be slightly decreasing Juggulus spawns and increasing the amount of "normal" enemies instead, this would also go towards improving Latrox and the Cauldron bounty where lack of enemies is making them feel very sluggish and thus boring.

To me it seems like a miniboss type of enemy too so doesnt make sense its as common as a charger or feels like it at least. Especially since its stationary enemy that might just sit behind a rock out of everyones view. 

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