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LOKI: meshing switch teleport and Decoy together


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This Version of this small loki rework focuses on giving decoy style and more mechanics

I am introducing A NEW gameplay mechanic that focuses on constant switching back and forth between the decoy and you.

Here it is

HOLOGRAPHIC DECOY: deploy a hologram copy image of the last action performed at your location, PRESS the ability key again to swap places with the decoy, it doesn't matter what action or animation it is, the decoy will retain that image until you swap places with it, where then that action will be completed but at twice the normal speed

HOLD the ability to throw the decoy at your aim location, if it hits an ally or enemy it will force swap you with them.

The momentum of the thrown decoy is transferred to you when you swap with it mid flight, combined with the speed of the animation and you have a massive mobility boost.


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