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Helminth Completion Spreadsheet


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Greetings Tenno!

After the Hemlith subsume functionality release, one of our clan members (jmarx2) prepared this excel spreadsheet to help our members keeping tabs on what parts each of us where missing. After most of us no longer needing it, I offered to share this to the community on his behalf. After a bit of polishing we made a version that should be easy to understand for most if your goal is Hemlith completion.

The Helminth Completion Spreadsheet!


DOWNLOAD EXCEL SHEET HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pAwoVme70BX4FxISFKJg-ZlWbR3fuDwR8gAEJy1nW0c/edit?usp=sharing

How to use/edit:

> Select "Files" on the top left bar

> Select make a copy

> Select your location, if you have Google Drive I recommend this option

> A new tab will pop up labelled "Copy of Helminth Farming"

> Now you are free to edit this sheet however you like!


> Clicking on the ability will direct you to the wiki of said ability, however the sheet will include a short note (opinions of our clan members) of the ability for easier convenience

> Locations/missions of each WF parts including rotations where applicable

> Clicking on the WF name will direct you to the "acquisition" section of said WF on the wiki

> Ability to easily sort alphabetically, preferably used on the ability columns (sorts it just like the Hemlith UI does it) or frame

This sheet is made to assist you in keeping tabs on what you're missing, and where to get it.

Heres my edited example on my progress for the Hemlith using this Sheet as a base:





Reddit version:


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15 hours ago, Strontium-Dog said:

Nice work, I'm sure a lot of players will find this to be a very useful reference tool.

Ty! Ill keep this updated with the original author as well, Ill do my best to continue adding frames and all the details as DE releases them.

The sheet was updated a bit ago too with some better descriptions.

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