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Augments Galore


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This post will contain warframe and weapon augments and exilus mods



Harrow - augment rework

  • Change Tribunal to not require enemies to be effected by his one so he doesn't have to fight his teammates

Baruuk - Non-ability augment

  • Starts baruuk at half or completely empty restraint

Baruuk - Non-ability augment

  • Allows the restraint loss to scale with power strength

Mesa - Ballistic Battery augment

  • Removes limit

Wisp - Reservoirs augment

  • Causes a direct non-sharable buff with 25%-50% bonus power but has a 50% duration (maybe can only have one buff at a time)

Mirage - Eclipse augment

  • Gives both buffs at half power

Mirage - Eclipse augment 

  • Tap for damage hold for damage reduction

Ivara - Quiver exilus augment

  • Cloak auto targets the player closest to the cursor or you if you look straight down

Nekros - Terify augment

  • Causes targets to run towards the cast point at +25% speed with 50%-100% extra range

Nidus - Virulence augment

  • Gives damage vulnerability to targets

Nidus - Non-Ability augment

  • Generate 2x-5x stacks but now stacks decay (Allows for nidus to be more viable in non-endurance run settings)

Wukong - Celestial Twin augment 

  • Adds two more twins but each twin deals 25%-50% of your damage (Less damage but more consistency)

Rhino - Roar augment

  • Converts half of roar's damage to additive critical bonus equal to or hold to convert all of roar's damage



Primary - exilus mod

  • Non-AOE - bullet explodes on impact in a 3m radius both dealing half damage

Secondary - exilus mod

  • Non-AOE - bullet explodes on impact in a 3m radius both dealing half damage

Melee - exilus mod

  • Increases follow-through
  • Increases blocking angle (as if it matters)
  • Swaps stave stances with polearm stances 
  • Swaps polearm stances with stave stances
  • Makes glaives/Wolf Sledge detonate on impact (i struggle to detonate it on time)
  • Make pure combo duration mods exilus mods

Gunblade - exilus mod

  • Improves falloff distance

exilus mod that swaps critical chance and status chance... maybe?

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