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Can we get a bigger muzzle flash on some necramech weapons?


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Necramechs. Big stompy metal death machines with equally big death cannons.

They *feel* good to use, but there's one downside - namely that of the muzzleflash. The mausolon looks OK (see below)


However, that's about the only one which does. Pretty much all of the other Archguns have pathetic tiny little muzzle flashes which do not match the kind of firepower that they give off. Below are the phaedra and the imperator vandal.



Those muzzle flashes are tiny. That detracts from the satisfaction of shooting. Something that tiny feels more like I'm shooting an airsoft gun. I realise that a huge muzzle flash would get in the way if you're closer to the gun (like in archwing or on foot), but when the camera is zoomed back out like with the necramech's point of view, it just looks pathetic. For reference, here's a picture from Wikipedia showing the flash from a little pistol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:FNFLASH01.jpg

The image link doesn't work, but you can see that it's bigger than the gun itself. I don't want something that large, but a gout of flame at least comparable in size to the Mausolon's muzzle flash would be nice.

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