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  1. I'd rather they put in some base mechanic changes for archguns - namely making them able to completely ignore arbitrary damage resistance that some enemies have (nox, juggernaut, thumper, the utterly inexplicable corpus treasurer). It's an anti-vehicle weapon which we are only able to wield because we have it fitted with an inertial dampener. It should deal full damage to things with vehicle-level armour. Then you'd have a real reason to choose them over your normal arsenal. Blades and small arms for normal infantry, heavy weapons for heavy enemies.
  2. That player doesn't have a single mod equipped. All their gear is rank zero. You can see it levelling up as they play. I'm not surprised that they're weaker. And yes, mobility is vastly lower back then, but you had less enemies to deal with. Also, I can't help but be reminded how much nicer the game looked and sounded back then. The shield effects on the player, the taiko drum music, the ship's PA system and the Grineer voices in English and even the sound of the Lato.
  3. You missed a few bits. It gets even worse for animals if you're in a squad because you can just be walking around wh- WOW LOOK AN ANIMAL FULL SCREEN CUTSCENE TAKE THE CONTROLS AWAY WHEN YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT.
  4. How exactly do these arcanes fit in with kitgun arcanes? Do they go in another slot, or will they be competing for my existing pax arcanes?
  5. That ship sailed along time ago when Valkyr Prime got released - something else whose lore conflicts with its very existence. Did DE care? Nope.
  6. This wasn't so much of a problem one year ago because we used to have the option to disable the eye cancer. DE went and removed it entirely. See here: It's because of this that I haven't even attempted this year's summer event, nor have I even looked at any of the railjack void stuff because of how migraine-inducingly painful void storms were reported to be.
  7. See also: the absurd nuclear dawn you get on Venus and the summer event (which I'm not doing, because I prefer still having the use of my eyes).
  8. And in keeping with that analogy, there seems little point in fixing the faucet or pipes when the water is filled with algae. Why should these mods even break in the first place?
  9. The problem here is that you push too much and instead of getting more game time, you get less when people realise that it's just not worth it. 1: you need to wait 3 and a half minutes for an enemy to spawn. 2: This is a completely BS enemy, it has a 1/1000 damage multiplier without any justification. Whenever I see one in a kuva flood, I just ignore it because I quite literally cannot kill it before it despawns. Anything else in the entire map dies, but not this. I've fought bosses which are easier to kill than this gimpy little accountant thing. 3: Then you need to do it twice
  10. I was talking in terms of riven roll outcome - best possible riven roll vs. worst possible riven roll.
  11. And on the flipside, I refuse to use anything other than polearms or unstanced longswords because they're the only weapon types that let me move freely in any direction while attacking without being stunlocked or ragdolled by my own weapons (rapiers, fans, nunchucks, claws and staves also let me move, but I either don't like the attack animations or they're just mediocre). It's why I consider the bonewidow mech to be pointless because its special sword glues me to the floor. Honestly, the best option is just stances that give free movement for all modes and stances that don't. But since t
  12. To be fair, this has precedent with the other rank 10 powers. "Auto-tracking" turrets that throw off your navigation and give you excess heat, anyone?
  13. Honestly, I'd rather that rivens just get nuked entirely. Having mods with highly variable stats like that is going to butcher any attempt at balance, because you can't rely on the players having or not having them. Right now, there's only the devil's choice of balancing against the best possible outcome (which ruins it for those who don't have those perfect rolls) or the worst possible outcome (which makes it OP).
  14. Can you also fix polearms at high attack speed? They've been broken for more than a year and a half now.
  15. Nope. There used to be way to disable it, but DE went in and removed the option. They want you to suffer.
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