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  1. Client Lures Bugging Teralyst Drops

    Not just client lures. I just did a 2-man eidolon kill and never once touched a lure. Neither myself nor the host got anything.
  2. Eidolon Teralyst Loot Bug

    Honestly, the best thing to do at this point is to just give up on the game and come back in perhaps a month's time when things might kinda work properly.
  3. Is Bait any good now as of 22.0.5?

    The twilight bait seems to work (creates giant prawns and tiny sharks), but murkray and norg don't do anything. I haven't tried any of the others.
  4. Murkray Bait is useless (Solved but still annoying)

    Yep, I'm not getting anything from murkray bait either.
  5. The patch notes say "Fixed sentient shards spawning under the terrain" - which is a complete lie. I just did another eidolon kill and once again, there were no shards for me. This time, they're stuck inside the cetus gate structure. EDIT: at this point, I have to ask why these things are still actual drops. Same goes for the sentient cores. They're practically invisible in the grass, there's no kind of marker for them and your sentinel can't vacuum them up. Why do they not just go straight into your inventory?
  6. Pretty often, when you do a bounty which has the mobile defence mission (put datamass in vault, defend it until it opens), the vault does not open at the end, making the mission uncompletable and basically requiring the party to disband and do it all over again. Also, it's especially jarring that Lotus says "I will let Konzu know that we failed him". No, Lotus. You failed him. You did not open the doors. It's got nothing to do with us.
  7. Eidolon Capture without loot

    Happened twice more, so that's now 4 eidolon kills with zero loot. There's no point in even doing this.
  8. Eidolon Capture without loot

    Ditto. It looks like it's spawning far underground out of reach at the Cetus entrance, see here:
  9. Client Lures Bugging Teralyst Drops

    I can confirm this. Twice I've fought an eidolon with clanmates, spending a half hour babysitting lures only for it to drop literally nothing upon death. Very frustrating.
  10. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0

    Fixes missing from this update: -Hema mutagen sample cost is 10x higher than it should be. -Sigils on right shoulder are rotated when the right dendra shoulder plate is equipped.
  11. This, I agree with. The detrons' killing power has been massively reduced since the mass shotgun secondary changes. Previously, most shotgun secondaries (eg. not brakk or pyrana) had no damage falloff which was an interesting counterbalance for their lackluster power vs. shotgun primaries and gave you at least some reason to consider them. Now that they've been hit with the falloff nerfbat, I don't see any reason to take my maratron instead of my marelok, which kills equally well at short and long ranges, and doing a better job of it as well.
  12. Kuva Fortress is a nightmare for me to navigate

    My computer's fine (most details are turned up to max, except for the ones which make the game look worse like colour "correction") and my eyesight is fine, and I still hate the kuva fortress. It's a horrible combination of tiny little twisty passages, stupid little bits of level geometry that stick out and which you get stuck on, and generally being a complete maze where getting from point A to point B on some tiles is some completely unintuitive path. In short, while it may look nice for screenshots and publicity purposes, it's utterly horrible to actually play on and so I never actually go there.
  13. If there's ever anything in range of my wyrm, it's getting procced. That's basically a constant growing power if you're on Akkad (which is where speed nova is most useful) I seem to recall DE making negative power strength causing speedy enemies an explicit function of Nova after enough people used and liked it.
  14. Stealth bug Update 21.2.0 ruining audio 100% tested

    I can confirm the first bit. I can't hear anything at all while invisible as Loki.
  15. That was indeed their response - it was stupid when they said it and it's still stupid now.