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  1. -The life support level drops WAY too fast. If I'm getting "S" ranks, I should not be leaving a wave with 40% left, or failing them altogether because of insufficient enemies. This is especially bad for the "elite" mission type, where I can't even reach wave 5 because the timer's rocketing down. -Related to above: some rooms are fine, other rooms are utter crap for enemy spawns or pathing (or even my own navigation - looking at you europa, eris and earth tilesets). I'm killing everything I see in one or two hits, but it's not enough and I end up failing because simaris doesn't provide enough things to kill. -2 waves per reward? This is the same time required as for survival, except that we don't get item or mod drops. Survival's got this one beaten easily in terms of reward count per unit time. Why is it not one rotation per wave?
  2. Splitting Trading Chat into General and Riven

    Yup. That ("god") is one of the three words which gets a message automatically discarded for me, along with "offer" and "pmo". The trading channel's still majority rivens despite that.
  3. A most Peculiar workshop.

    I use them, and in fact I consider them practically mandatory on any frame build. It's a very noticeable increase in mobility, a slightly noticeable increase in drift time (useful for some things) and very useful for applying procs to enemies if I so desire (or butchering low-level corpus with the toxin mod). They carry enormous utility and so they get a slot. Peculiar mods like this take a slot and provide no utility. I'm not even going to look at them.
  4. Splitting Trading Chat into General and Riven

    You'd get my vote here. The riven channel is not very interesting to watch.
  5. Riven feast and famine

    I keep a log of every single time I run a sortie (or when I skip it because it's too time consuming, or some bullS#&$ like lephantis, hek, plains bugfests or the kuva fortress tileset). So far this year, I've got 106 possible sorties, skipping 34 of them to make a total of 72 actually run sorties. Out of that, I've acquired 22 rivens (8 melee, 8 pistol, 4 rifle, 2 shotgun; but I only opened the first 8 rivens before deciding that it's a better idea to stop and wait for a new weapon which I like to come out before unwrapping them) and 24 ayatans - so that's a 31% chance for a riven and a 33% chance for an ayatan.
  6. I did just enough to get sufficient eidolon shards to build a pair of rank 10 arcanes for my small child (already had an amp arcane from soloing eidolon caps back when there was only one to fight), and that's it for me. I got enough arcanes from raids (RIP), I have no reason to look at another treealyst again.
  7. I'd want something a little more like this:
  8. Untie Operator Mode From Host Connection

    It's not just network issues. If the host's computer can't handle the game, it craps up everyone else's game as well. I've been in games (almost always on the plains) with "50 ms" ping where enemies were jumping around and where I had multi-second delays when changing weapons and when going to/from small child mode.
  9. Nullicancer projector drones are far too tanky (something like 10x the HP of the crewman which carries it), and their hitbox is far too large when they're sitting on the crewman's head. This results in you battering down the shield, and then spending ages standing in front of the crewman itself flailing ineffectively against the drone with your melee weapon until it finally pops. They need to be not targettable when sitting on the crewman's head, and they could really do with a HP reduction.
  10. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.3

    That's good, but they're still not worth using because of their pathetically low damage
  11. Well, this *is* a traditional pastime of demon-possessed children...
  12. Riven disposition requires urgent action

    The stat changes from a riven make a pretty big difference to my choice in weapons. I use an aklex prime over the lex prime purely because aklex rivens have enough disposition to give me 100% crit chance. That consistency matters, and the extra damage from that makes a real difference in high sorties - especially when it's physical or elemental resist. Likewise, even though tigris rivens are utter crap, having one (I don't) would let me get 100% status on the tigris prime without requiring me to suffer through blast procs and if I had one, I'd drop my sanctigris. Perhaps it's just me, but I value consistency between shots more than anything else, and a nice riven can often make the difference between dice rolling and reliability.
  13. Exodia Force does not work as client

    The zaw arcane, Exodia Force, doesn't seem to trigger at all when I'm a client (I don't have any others to test with). It works just fine if I'm soloing a mission. Related is that its damage is utterly horrible and not worth the resources required to craft it:
  14. Ballas, Teshin or Lotus/Marguilis. Who would you side with?

    Ooooooh. In that case, I'm definitely slaughtering Ballas. My rivens won't roll themselves, after all. It also helps that he, along with pretty much every single Orokin leader, was an enormous $&*^ and deserves to die anyway. Me, I'd side with Hek purely for the enormous levels of ham. MAGGOTS LIKE TO BURROW.
  15. Exodia Force for Zaws: Horrible Damage

    Nope. I was lured in by the false promises of the description, built some and am now seeing a whopping THREE WHOLE DAMAGE (damage mods make no difference) from the explosion when I do ~300 damage to the enemy which the blade's hitting (both are L50 corrupted heavy gunners). Exodia force is still defective, it seems.