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  1. The only problem with that is that the Sentients can make actual, legitimate "your mum" jokes - because they actually have her. Our fragile egos would not be able to withstand such crushing retaliation.
  2. I approve of these. One thing I would change is to put forma in the shop as well. We can already get both types of potato from there, and I need a hell of a lot more forma than potatoes.
  3. I use a tombfinger, and I do try to control my aim. The problem is that the stupid things change direction all the time, the screen's covered in crap from all the particle effects (meaning that if the drone's moved, I can't see where it's gone)... and that I'm not as young as I used to be and that I can't really pull off fine snapshot aiming any more. But in any case, I want an accuracy decrease mod simply for fun reasons. Doing airstrikes on the plains isn't that effective, but it's fun. Turning a tombfinger into a pocket shotgun isn't that effective, but it's fun. Cranking up the spread on a Supra isn't very good, but vomiting out a giant wall of lasers is, again, just fun to do.
  4. I'd hold off on celebrating until we actually have a working thing in front of us.
  5. In theory, you stuff the Earth into the Void (ignoring the problems which come with having no sun) In practice, however:
  6. Something small and fast moving is not always going to be in the centre of my crosshair. No, it's not really worth it that much. I already have a riven with -RoF for the Karak. I just think that it would be neat. If you're interested in mods that also aren't worth it, how about Warm Coat or whatever that mod is which gives you a whopping +15% status chance? Nope. Not if you want to carpet a larger area.
  7. Y'know, that used to be a joke a long time ago. So was the Ogrisoma... but DE went and made the Acceltra, so perhaps your akbrakkelok isn't as far off as you might think.
  8. God, I hope not. I get INCREDIBLY pissed off when I watch something where one character supposedly kills another and then just casually saunters off without even pretending to check the body. If you're in a massive hurry with a whole army closing in on you, fine. But not when you're on your own or surrounded by allies and have the enemy at your mercy. ALWAYS. CHECK. THE. BODY. It's not over until Desecrate pops and the corpse vanishes into a puff of Nekros energy.
  9. Assuming that the change shown is both final and consistent across all weapons, then we're getting a ~3.5x damage buff. See https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-132-overview The unmodded Skana in the picture there has damage stats of 18/18/84. Right now, we have 5.3/5.3/24.5.
  10. Accuracy: Rapid fire weapons against fast moving or small targets (eg. arbitration drones). AoE weapons with multishot mods to create a larger area of effect (eg. tombfinger). Shotgun changes so that I can pick whether I want something that's good for headshotting (more accuracy) or good for hitting clusters (less accuracy). RoF: I think that the Karak sounds nicer when it fires more slowly. Not the most useful of mods, but it would be neat to have.
  11. We're getting exilus slots for weapons now. Utility mods and such. One such mod type that I'd like to see are mods for all ranged weapons which can increase and decrease accuracy. A mod to decrease weapon accuracy (or increase the spread) is what I really want, the accuracy increase mod is just for completeness' sake. They seem like something that could go well in the exilus slot, and it's something that I've wanted for quite a while. Also: something to *decrease* the rate of fire. Not quite so important, but it would be neat to have. Yes, I know that there are some +crit/-RoF mods, but I don't care about the crit stat for the weapons which matter to me (karak, mainly) and anything that increases crit chance will absolutely not go in the exilus slot (also also, I know that rivens exist).
  12. Strangledome? You people have it so easy. Why, in my day, we had to face the Stalker with a rusty Lato and a Skana with a half-levelled fire damage mod. Uphill. In the snow. Both ways. AND WE LIKED IT. Now get off my lawn, you damn whippersnapper.
  13. This here is my problem with this kind of juggling mechanics. Sure, they look fancy... but they're only useful in the narrow window between where enemies don't die from one hit and where the enemies are too high level to die quickly and you're having the crap shot out of you by that one enemy's 5 friends while you spend ages dancing around with him in the air. It was for the removal of the combo multiplier, I believe. They showed an unmodded Skana in the devstream which seemed to have about 3.5x the damage of what we have right now - which is extremely good. It takes quite a while to get that kind of combo multiplier running, and it's not something you can keep up reliably unless you're either using Naramon or Drifting Contact.
  14. Are we going to have finishers with our melee weapon any more? The devstream said something about putting covert lethality on the wristblade thing, so by that I'd assume that finishers are done that way instead (which is annoying, sleepinox is the best way to level a melee weapon).
  15. I saw a Kraken on one of the liches. They were two-handing it (which looked kinda funny), but it was definitely there.
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