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  1. The hema's mutagen sample cost still hasn't been fixed.
  2. Really? How? Where? When?
  3. I fail to see why that's a bad thing. People avoid relays because they're inconvenient and annoying. It's so much nicer to just use a damn menu and click on things - and I still hate the "new" UI because of this stupid forced "interactivity" that just gets in the way more than anything. No, I don't care about all that stupid twirly animation crap. I just want to get on with it.
  4. Honestly, the biggest nerf to the redeemer for me was back when they gave it a forced pre-swing before firing, increased RoF, damage falloff with range, massive screenshake and removed the ability to tighten the cone of fire by aiming first. That killed the weapon for me entirely - making it loud is nothing more than nails in the coffin.
  5. So, you're basically telling DE that you approve of their disproportionate grindwall. Because that's what giving them money is doing (and don't say "I didn't pay money for that plat" - someone did, it has to come from somewhere and the source doesn't matter, only that it was removed from circulation in this particular manner).
  6. Hema's mutagen sample cost still hasn't been fixed yet.
  7. Another patch, and still the issue continues to be ignored.
  8. Hema's mutagen sample cost still hasn't been fixed yet.
  9. Hema's mutagen sample cost is still 10x too high.
  10. That is a very bad idea. For reference, my mutagen sample count, after 4 years of gameplay, is 2.5k. At my current rate, I would have to play the game for 8 years to get enough to research the hema on my own. It'll take 8 years to accumulate 5k mutagens, so 0.8 years (or just over 9 months) to get 500. This means that a completely full clan would have to spend 9 months to get each item. One item every nine months. That's terrible. And it's the best-case scenario for your situation.
  11. Except that they haven't done anything of the sort. Mutagen accessibility has not changed one bit. And some clans already having built it is no excuse - in this thread, several clans who have researched it say that they want the cost reduced:
  12. Another patch, and still the hema's cost continues to be ignored.
  13. Hema's mutagen sample cost has still not been addressed.
  14. Bugs which remain unfixed: Hema's mutagen sample cost is still too high Several typos involving extraneous hyphens Right dendra shoulder armour causes an equipped sigil to rotate
  15. I don't know if this is related to the recent massive overscaling of the UI, but about 1/3 of the mandachord is completely blocked off for me - this means that I'm basically unable to create any songs. My graphics settings: 1920x1080, borderless fullscreen, automatic aspect ratio, FoV slider set as high as it will go (which is only 78 at the moment).