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  1. Huh, it's back. A mod which is effectively only useful on one weapon (or 1.5 weapons, if you like reloading your Vectis Prime), but has been powercrept by rivens. I didn't get one back when the event was on, I'm nowhere near idiotic enough to pay for one... and I have zero intention of getting one now.
  2. You can't proc liches. Believe me, I've tried. Crits, on the other hand, always work. In any case, a more useful approach would be to ignore their resistances (unless it's flat out immunity) and instead look at what the simaris scanner tells you. Liches have shields, ferrite armour and cloned flesh. This basically means that you want to be using either corrosive (the best option, not valid here due to the immunity), puncture or toxin. In the OP's case, they're "vulnerable" to blast and impact - which is a really bad idea, as ferrite armour resists both of those quite handily. If they're immune to all of the armour options, take something that's good on flesh (viral, heat) and neutral to armour. So: don't use a magistar, that's impact. Get a high puncture crit weapon and mod it for maximum toxin. EDIT: after paying closer attention to the simaris readout, it seems as though the weaknesses are listed there as well. They seem to affect all of the health types - mine's weak to corrosive and puncture (a horrible thing for grineer to have) and resistant to blast (which ferrite armour gives them anyway). See here: Note that neither shields nor flesh don't normally say anything about corrosive, yet they show here. It's only a single + on this readout (so, 25%?); don't read too much into the resistance and vulnerability ratings.
  3. I dunno about tons of fun. The kuva fortress tileset is the single worst place in the entire game. A horrible maze of twisty passages, all alike. The only time I ever go there is to try and get requiem mods (why are these things even finite usage anyway?) and I resent the crap out of it.
  4. Autoblock also needs to not force you into aimglide mode. That very literally kills me when it causes Exodia Contagion to activate and explode in my face when I'm just trying to stab someone who I've leapt at.
  5. If they're going to extend Nightwave, it would be nice if they stuck umbra forma in the shop to make up for not getting one from the next season, whenever that is.
  6. Honestly, I'd rather have it so that doing a perfect spy mission (read: zero alarms at any point) on the kuva fortress tileset allows you to change the production line for "special" weapons so that it makes one specific type for the next batch. That type being the weapon that your next larvaling has. That way, you get to pick what gun you'd want, and the game gets tied together just that little bit more.
  7. Nearly every single stance basically slaps the controls out of your hands when you use it and either glues you to the spot or shoves you around in some direction. There are precisely 5 ways in which you can still move freely while attacking: polearms with shimmering blight or bleeding willow, dual daggers with stinging thorn, nunchucks, unstanced rapiers... and slide attacks. All other melee stances (or unstanced weapons), EVERY SINGLE ONE, takes control away from you the moment you press the attack button. Completely ignoring my movement inputs is a bug, DE. This really ought to be fixed. Actually, it ought to have been fixed 6 years ago, back when stanced melee first came out. It wasn't as bad then, but it was still too much. There's a reason why the majority of players used quick melee despite it not having any built in damage boost or forced procs.
  8. I never touched liches before this patch (the whole enforced Russian Roulette with 5 filled chambers put me right off), so this feedback comes from seeing the whole thing completely from scratch. -Requiem mods. They have finite uses. Why? -There's pretty much zero lore explanation as to what these things are, no closer look into exactly what's been done to them, nothing to tie the system together with anything else. There's only that one video that came out with the initial patch, and that says precisely nothing (also, I have no idea whether new players will even see it). -The above 2 issues can both be solved at the same time by adding a quest. Players would get one of each type of requiem mod in that quest as they do spies, intercepts, sabotages, etc in an attempt to understand exactly what these lich things are. This means that you can also get rid of the T5 relics, which serve about as much purpose as javlok capacitors. -I have absolutely no idea what the bonus element and percentage on a weapon are. This information really needs to be shown on the weapon's icon in the arsenal, along with its modding page (fold it into the name?) -The murmur grind. It's ridiculous. Especially so given that we're trying to get information, and this isn't tied into any of the already existing information gathering methods in the game. Why can't we get murmurs (and symbol position clues) from things like spy, intercept, capture and rescue missions? -Allied lich spawns freeze the game. This can often get you killed - especially because they appear when you're under heavy attack, which is when you need to be mobile above all else. -Now that you've added the kuva bramma, what's the point in even having the tonkor? It's not power creep, it's power leap. EDIT: also, why do these weapons even have varying bonus amounts?
  9. Ouch. The nukor looks so... generic now. Its previous incarnation reminded me of the Microwave weapon from Descent 3. Not a continuous beam, but it had hoop ring trails (and was also a microwave weapon, as the name would suggest) and made the enemy jiggle when it hit them. Put it back. It's bad enough that all the corpus lasers look the same now, stop doing the same to our guns as well.
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