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  1. There's a reason why any sortie with radioactive excavation is an immediate skip for me. It's just not worth the hassle.
  2. A fair number of giant corporations end up turning straight out evil, and it's hardly a new thing (see: the various East India companies). Cyberpunk owes a lot of its existence to this, and I find it very depressing that our future is Snow Crash and not Star Trek.
  3. You can't. That's the problem. There used to be an option to disable it, but it's gone and is now forced on us whether we want it or not.
  4. Here's an example of exactly how bad this "feature" makes things: This is what the game looks like normally (or at least, as close as I could get it): And here's how adaptive exposure ruins the game (most of these images are after firing a shot or two with a primary tombfinger). I cannot even begin to comprehend why this was considered to be a good thing.
  5. I don't mean throttled, I mean complete packet loss. There will be a ping of infinity because these potential griefers will simply not be able to connect.
  6. Honestly? Your best bet is to go into the graphics settings and turn things off until the game looks good. These recent "additions" are anything but.
  7. I'm still quite ready to make and use a connection blocker script if they implement that. Enjoy your eternal loading screen, griefers.
  8. The only time I ever encounter them is in kuva floods. They're essentially invincible at that point - the last time I saw one, I was hammering on it with my orthos prime for a full 2 minutes (and this is with condition overload and 5 status procs along with the damage bonus from being invisible) and it still got away with half its health remaining. Nevertheless, this wasn't mentioned anywhere in any patch notes. I still consider it anomalous behaviour and a bug to be fixed - a little wimpy accountant thing with no visible armour has no business being tankier or faster than everything else in the mission put together.
  9. Wait, this is intentional? Them taking 1/1000 of the damage that they're supposed to wasn't listed in any of the patch notes.
  10. Which is a shame really. It doesn't matter how fancy the marble pillars and gold decorations on your house (eg. fancy new stuff to show) are if you've dug out the foundations and replaced them with sand (random painfully bright lights and complete screen washouts ruin whatever it is that gets shown).
  11. Hey now. The sound team does great work as well. And I agree with you here - I haven't even tried to get any of the new stuff both because of the xoris requirement (no, I'm not leaving my melee weapon at home) and also because treasurers are defective and only take 1/100 of the damage that they should. I don't touch BS.
  12. The umbral mods are OP enough to have devalued Excal Prime. He benefits from a triple build, and since Excal Umbra already has 3 of his namesake polarities...
  13. Yep. The riven market is ridiculous, I don't touch it and I don't give a crap what happens to it. I'd much rather be able to roll them for less. However, I'd also be quite happy with just nuking rivens altogether. They're a godawful cesspit of multi-layered RNG and I despise the entire concept.
  14. I've just tried that (a quick test in the orbiter) - switched it off and I'm still getting the adaptive exposure effects. Not as much in the ship, but orb vallis caves still have massive darkening and brightening upon entering/leaving. Which is actually really weird, because when I see "dynamic lighting" as a display option, I think of glowy plasma balls illuminating the area around them when fired. Very fancy back in 1998 (for instance, Unreal), pretty ordinary these days. And yeah, I do have a lot of the graphics options turned off because all that they have ever done was get in my way. Colour "correction", screen shake, film grain, depth of field, motion blur and distortions. I used to have adaptive exposure turned off as well, but we don't even have that option any more. Bloom - that can look pretty good if done right (my favourite example would be Tron 2.0, back in 2003). It used to be fine in this game, now... I don't know any more.
  15. Update 28.0.6 did something to the rendering path, I don't know exactly what the internal details were but the net result is that we're now forced to use adaptive exposure. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it's what makes the brightness of your game change itself whenever the lighting level changes. It's what blinds you whenever you enter a cave on orb vallis and it's what gives you the burning nuclear dawn when you leave it again. You can even see it if you run around in your orbiter - watch the screen go darker and lighter and darker and lighter all on its own. I hate it. I hate it SO MUCH. It makes it impossible for me to set the brightness and contrast up properly, it ruins my vision for a second or two while it re-adjusts (which amounts to several geological ages in a game as fast paced as this) and it's just flat out obnoxious. No, game. You do not know better than I do how I want the display settings to be. Also, I've no idea whether this is related, but the brightness of visual effects is way out of proportion to how things should be. I've had several occasions where everything else on the screen is dark and washed out while sword impact effects are bright enough to hurt my eyes.
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