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  1. My healing needs came from a triplet of Sanctigris, Arcane Victory and Medi-Ray. That all became obsolete the moment Magus Elevate became a thing. Now, I just spam 6 until I'm full again.
  2. I pushed my ex-clan hard to get within the top 10% just so that we could get the ignis wraith BP (this was actually easier than the "lower" reward of a free IW for everyone in the clan). I poopsocked several multi-hour missions, each with different clan members, just so that we could get the score required. We only just edged in. I am completely, 100%, OK with the Ignis Wraith coming back into the game in a way that absolutely everyone can get. The only people who'd actually get harmed by this are those who sold BPs. They deserve to get crapped on.
  3. That doesn't excuse its broken state and certainly doesn't excuse leaving it broken. What we have right now is directly, objectively inferior to the previous system. It should not have been released.
  4. I assume that the complete absence of anything related to melee in this announcement means that you intend to leave it in its currently defective state?
  5. Corvas, Cyngas, Decurion, Fluctus, Grattler, Imperator, Larkspur, Phaedra, Velocitus. (at least, this is what's listed on the wiki page)
  6. I don't know what the playercount numbers are between sorties and arbitrations, but I'd wager that sorties get more. Since a) archgun rivens come only from spending a long time on a (possibly?) underplayed game mode and b) there are only 9 different archguns right now, I'd guess that DE don't consider that there are even enough archgun purples around to be worth it. EDIT: yes, I would like more riven capacity. I've filled up and am now junking new rivens as they arrive. That's mainly because I don't see the point in opening any of my veiled ones as all the weapons that I care about already have a purple mod.
  7. Nope, killing him drops a North Wind or Molten Impact. I've no idea what this mask thing is, and I'm pretty sure that this one hammer piece that he's dropped for me this entire time was an accidental fluke that has long since been fixed and will never be repeated. So yeah, I've also no interest in standing there and shooting at one single enemy for as long as the actual mission would have taken only to get some garbage to fall out of his pockets instead of a reward.
  8. That looks horrible. Those attacks take forever to come out and you're standing there dead still while this happens. Do that in Warframe and you'll be butchered by the other 8 things which are currently attacking you. Unless this damage resistance is 100%, you're going to die. And even if you do get immunity while dancing around (such as with finishers now), that still gives you the same problem that finishers have: it takes control away from you. Being immobilised after half your strikes is even worse than what we have now. No way in hell do I want to get glued to some invisible spot in the air after or while hitting someone. I just want to slice the current enemy while moving straight on to the next one. Don't forget that the only similarity between these two games is the third person viewpoint. The game you listed seems to be fighting one or two enemies at a time, then moving on to the next one in what looks to be some kind of linear story mission. Warframe, on the other hand, is fighting large numbers of enemies at once on missions that you're going to repeat again and again and again and again and again until the RNG finally gives up and submits out of pity. This is the entire reason why players have gravitated towards the most efficient forms of mass murder per unit time. The game gets in your way enough as it is, we don't need our weapons getting in the way as well.
  9. Doused with petrol, perhaps. Complete silence on the topic of the gigantic festering pile of refuse that is the current melee system is not a good thing. I know that DE's not listening here, but ignoring the problem does not make it go away.
  10. How convenient, then, that DE released an update titled "the sword alone" and allowed you to unequip all but one weapon of your choice. Also, if you want to go the "use the tools the devs gave you" route, then we should be called "warriors of spore and miasma". Because that's far more effective at taking out large hordes of enemies than your gun.
  11. No, read it again. Those aren't bugs, those are consequences of the sword forcing itself into my hand when I never wanted it. They are direct faults of this overhaul.
  12. That won't do anything about broken syndicate procs, alt-fire, empty magazines no longer reloading, spears/mining lasers unequipping themselves or that stupid autoblock "feature".
  13. Not even that. My favoured corinth build (hybrid setup, raw damage and crit stats could be higher if I so chose) Velocitus build: Damage per shot, the velocitus comes out top (81k vs. 50k for the corinth)... but not only does it shoot far more slowly than the number would indicate (yes, the charge time is 1 second, but you get this massive recoil and can't shoot for another second after that), but you need to charge it first and because of the long fire period, every missed shot is very punishing. Corinth, on the other hand, is just tap-BAM. Instant damage, right when I pull the trigger. DPS with no reloading: Corinth = 58.8k/sec, Velocitus = 40.5k/sec. Corinth with reloading: 5 shots, then 2 seconds to reload = 251.4k in in 6.27 seconds, or 40.1k sustained DPS. Velocitus with reloading: 10 shots, then 2 seconds to reload = 810.3k in 22 seconds, or 36.8k sustained DPS. This is a hybrid build Corinth, which means that I'm using all 4 dual stat mods to get a 100% chance on the airburst. I could get more damage if I went for more crit and used 90% elementals. Archguns offer nothing above what my normal loadout has, and they're saddled with the huge drawbacks of not being able to regain ammo and taking absolutely forever to equip (also, the poor velocitus also has this enormous recoil problem).
  14. Actually, I spam slide attacks because they are now the only form of melee that doesn't actively get in my way and interfere with my movement. My payout is fluidity of motion. I don't even use maiming strike (there's no room for it on my Lesion).
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