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  1. That's my view too. I've no idea why we're using cheap Chinese crap that breaks after 3 uses. There's no real reason why these mods should have finite uses, and there's no reason for T5 void keys to even exist. A far better way to have done things would be to give a quest to the player when they make their first lich, which is a great opportunity for worldbuilding and both explains what to do and gives a full set of proper, infinite use mods to the player. But no. What we got instead was a panic rushed pile of crap which had one of the worst receptions of any new thing that this game adde
  2. I use them for unveiling headshot while archwing or >100m headshot rivens... ...which is about once every 2 months.
  3. The real fix, of course, would be for DE to get rid of all this ridiculous eye cancer that they keep shoving into the game. Or at the very least, give us back the option to turn it off. But no, they actually went and removed the options that make things not painful to look at.
  4. Phaedra. The Imperator series are pinpoint accurate, the Phaedra is not. That's one of the reasons why I love it so much.
  5. If killing 1000 normal enemies is worth 7k points, killing 1k steel path enemies should be worth a lot more. Not just the AI, but steel path archwing enemies aren't anywhere near as tough as land-based ones. Each one that I've shot at dies in a couple of hits from my Phaedra. They're much easier to kill than enemy fighters in Railjack.
  6. Which still hit you after you've jumped away, gone invisible and then changed direction. Back to the OP, beware of what you wish for. "ANYTHING else" is a very large category and DE are basically one gigantic monkey paw. If they truly do "anything" else, expect to see the common trash fodder enemy on whatever tileset gets killed in the next "rework" to throw Vauban Bastille grenades.
  7. That's actually plausible - if you consider that the purpose of those giant beam cannons is to take on Galleon-sized ships. Something small and manoeuvrable (along with most likely having some kind of stealth, since they only open fire at 4 kilometres - which in space is kissing distance) would be able to move faster than it can track. I dunno about that. Railjack is a ghost town. You're not going to upset a large amount of the playerbase for a game mode that's basically never touched. It's worse than that, because crewships are pretty much the same size as our railjack. It's p
  8. I actually don't have any problems when using just primed fury on my orthos prime. The problem arises when I get a Volt, Wisp or Valkyr who's being "helpful" with their abilities. That is what breaks my melee and it's why I consider them to be more dangerous than the enemies.
  9. Melee is actually flat out broken at high enough attack speed. Not broken unbalanced, broken defective.
  10. Technically, they do adapt to the player. It's called level scaling.
  11. Probably the most important change (at least from my perspective) is that DE have now forced autoexposure on for everyone. This makes the game not only hideous but actively painful to look at. See here:
  12. And here's the regularly scheduled reminder of WTF is wrong with your graphics engine, DE?
  13. Or better off, put it on a toggle. Those of us that hate it (like the OP and myself) can get rid of it, those who like it can keep it.
  14. That, at least, you can fix. There's a video option with the horribly misleading name of "colour correction". Turn it off, and your colours will be correct (at least, unless there's a radiation sortie).
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