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  1. Things I don't like: --Roll to change rift state. The way I see it, the hierarchy of move speeds is: roll-assisted bullet jump (fastest, most useful in very long expanses, causes vertical height change) > plain bullet jump (slower, but has the same vertical height change) > roll (has no vertical height change, this can be very important in some situations, can also cross gaps) > sprint (very slow, can't cross gaps) > crawling when about to die (yeah...). Because enemies deal so much damage, your main strategy of not dying is to not be hit. Moving faster and dodging around increases your chances of not being hit, and it's also just plain nice to move fast, so I'm almost always using roll-assisted bullet jumping, with plain rolling for when I need to cover a short distance and ordinary sprinting when I need to sneak around a corner. These movement methods work for every single warframe in the game... or they did, until now. Because they're universal abilities, and because it's basically necessary to go fast in high-level areas to avoid dying, I don't even think about it any more. Trying to move normally on new Limbo basically results in me popping in and out and in and out and in and out of rift state - which is not only extremely annoying, but is going to get me killed because I'd rely on being rifted in order to not be shot. Tying something as important as rift to basic movement style is like putting Nekros' desecrate toggle on shooting, or Valkyr's hysteria on sliding. This alone has completely killed Limbo for me. If rift state can't be an actual power like it used to be, it should at least be put on something which you rarely ever use during normal gameplay. Backflips might work (such as how you currently cancel volt's speed buff), or maybe hold the use key while rolling instead? --Banishment only flipping enemies to the opposite plane as yourself. This is just plain annoying. To banish something, you're going to have to expose yourself to everything that's not banished - which is, again, extremely stupid for something with as little base survivability as Limbo. --Banishment being an AoE. This is also incredibly annoying, and will most likely end up getting either me (if trying to single out and assassinate a powerful enemy) or my ally (if trying to banish them to keep them safe from a horde of monsters) killed. Honestly, I liked the old Limbo much better.
  2. Braids don't point at the kuva any more - it seems to be 90 degrees to the right of where they face.
  3. This new UI size is absolutely hideous. It's obviously completely broken, just revert the damn thing until it actually works.
  4. Another patch, and still the cost has not been addressed.
  5. The hema's mutagen sample cost still has not been corrected.
  6. And the reasons they gave for not changing it to be more sensible were either smacked down immediately (it's "dishonouring the hard work of those who researched it" - which got a massive "hell no, turn it down" from players who have researched it in the many hema threads), or pale mumblings like "it's raining mutagens in the derelict" (it's not, this requires you to bring an explicit farm squad - something which DE have been explicitly against in the past). But it's beta. They can change it, right?
  7. Indeed, so why can't the hema's research costs change to something more in line with the other research costs, and with the availability of mutagen samples cf. detonite ampoules and fieldron samples?
  8. Declaring a thing to be in one particular state while it's actually not. That's false advertising. No. I'm pointing out that they used one reason to not do some change and then promptly ignored that very same reason when making another change. And again, like I pointed out in a secondary post, rivens would have been a much better comparison (because people spent a very large amount of money, kuva or both to get soma etc. rivens, only to have them nerfed into the ground). This post, right here. Perhaps I'll amend the OP.
  9. No, they're quite valid comparisons when the comparison is with false advertising. Who cares? Anyone to whom correct word definitions matter. And it's pretty obvious at this point that you didn't even attempt to read the OP, or understand what this thread is about. Still, I'll indulge you: (The latest in a many, MANY years long sequence of issues with the modding system) (The latest example of one damage type being almost completely worthless, an issue which has also remained for several years) (Two related issues, both concerning the hema which has yet to be satisfactorily addressed or explained) (An ongoing issue with sniper weapons, something which was noticed immediately after the "buff" and promptly ignored despite many, many players pointing it out) (An issue with the netcode, something which has also been going on for years now) (Again, merely the latest post in a long string of issues with the corpus ice planet tileset and excavation battery carrier spawns) (Not a completely continuous issue here, but more a general theme of the complete lack of explanation for several game mechanics and modes) (Multiple threads about the unjustified artax riven removal, here's just one of several) (Again, the one of many threads indicating the massive excess of nullifiers - a supposedly highly specialised and expensive anti-tenno unit using technology which even the Sentients could not produce - in corpus maps) Enjoy your massive wall of links.
  10. Then they're not doing a particularly good job of using our feedback.
  11. Again, it doesn't matter what they call it. Take another example: say that they call it a spreadsheet, or an RTS game (EDIT: or a space combat game...). It's neither of those. Doesn't stop me from using it for what it is. And if it's a beta, then who are the beta testers? When's the release scheduled for, or what criteria/milestones need to be met?
  12. If someone puts a brick in your bathroom and calls it a bar of soap, it's still a brick. Words are irrelevant, only actions matter.
  13. Yes, I admit that it is significantly faster to forma a weapon 6 times than it is to get mutagen samples (hell, you might get 12 mutagens for the whole process, if you're extremely lucky). Perhaps a more accurate comparison would have been with riven mods, when the disposition system made a whole bunch of them almost completely useless (gammacor and marelok, for example). I only picked the upcoming nerfs because they're a current topic. EDIT: and even if nothing else, keeping the hema costs visible is still my main objective for this topic, so I suppose it's working...
  14. This. I don't use any of the nerfed weapons, I'm just pointing out a massive and glaring inconsistency in DE's reasoning.