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  1. Hema's mutagen sample cost has not been fixed yet.
  2. Yeah, no. The clans who completed it either don't care if the cost goes down or would actively be glad of it (see thread below). That little excuse of theirs was shot down almost as soon as it came out.
  3. And nowhere in this list of fixes is a correction to the hema's insane mutagen sample costs.
  4. I'm with the OP here. A stance that I'll never use (because quick melee is so much better) for a weapon category which is universally complete arse in a tileset which is @(*()$ HORRIBLE. I'm not even bothering with this one. DE: you know why people don't go to certain planets? Because the tilesets are horrible. Nobody likes Europa because you keep getting stuck on stupid sticky-out bits of level geometry (and those pointless ice barrels, but that's another matter entirely). Nobody likes Eris for the same reason and also, for some tiles, getting turned around and lost. And nobody likes the kuva fortress because you get stuck on both annoying level geometry and lost in twisty counterintuitive passages. And then, because people weren't playing around in these incredibly annoying areas much, you went and infected other planets with the Europa tileset (bad), infected all Corpus areas with those @(*()$ ice barrels (VERY VERY BAD) and now stuck one crappy mod in the kuva fortress tileset (this ranks a solid "meh" from me - I don't care about the mod, and I'm not going back to that horrible tileset unless I absolutely have to). Perhaps, instead of using a tiny little carrot to wave us towards a particular patch of road (this new stance), or repaving all the other roads with jagged glass (ice barrels, europa tileset), you could perhaps stop using the stick on us with regards to the other roads. If the tilesets weren't so annoying to actually be in, perhaps I'd be there more often.
  5. Still absent from the list of fixes is the hema's mutagen sample cost being 10x higher than it ought to be.
  6. And here we have yet another patch, with yet another instance of DE ignoring the issue.
  7. You forgot to bring the hema's mutagen sample cost down to a sensible level.
  8. The Hema's nanospore cost is fine, it's the mutagen sample cost which you need to fix.
  9. Sortie #3 today is ambulas assassination, and the game won't let me start it. My clan's about half-way towards the completion point, but this looks like exactly the same thing as before, when new-kela showed up in a sortie #3 and required points.
  10. Then their intent is faulty. Samples are basically found in two nodes, both of which are stuck behind keywalls (and therefore not puggable). Not only that, but the cost in samples (the rarest of clantech resources) is massively higher than the cost for any of the other clantech resources - resources which are far more readily available. There is no sense behind this decision.
  11. Hema's mutagen sample cost still hasn't been fixed yet.
  12. The hema's mutagen sample cost still hasn't been fixed.
  13. Really? How? Where? When?
  14. I fail to see why that's a bad thing. People avoid relays because they're inconvenient and annoying. It's so much nicer to just use a damn menu and click on things - and I still hate the "new" UI because of this stupid forced "interactivity" that just gets in the way more than anything. No, I don't care about all that stupid twirly animation crap. I just want to get on with it.
  15. Honestly, the biggest nerf to the redeemer for me was back when they gave it a forced pre-swing before firing, increased RoF, damage falloff with range, massive screenshake and removed the ability to tighten the cone of fire by aiming first. That killed the weapon for me entirely - making it loud is nothing more than nails in the coffin.