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  1. I'd much rather have a pet Hyena than a pet Moa

    Not that messed up. I mean, how many Oberon sets do you have sitting around collecting dust? EDIT: now, what I want is an Ambulas to ride around into battle. I can imagine sitting on its shoulders, pointing at something and letting that lovely huge laser cannon do the work.
  2. Any other Vet thinking of dropping WF?

    Conclave gets even less players than raids and not only has that not been canned, but it has its own dedicated team within DE. Archwing missions are barely ever touched, yet they remain in the game. Defection and salvage (aka. that boring part from JV) missions are not liked and yet they too remain.
  3. My super negative feedback of Poe

    The problem is not that it's disconnected from the game, the problem is that it's a hard dependency for several other parts of the game. If you want relics, you can go do spy, survival, excavation, interception or get them through syndicates. If you want to open relics, you can do basically any mission on the star chart because of the void fissure mechanic. If you had a riven mod, you could usually pick from the majority of mission types and locations on the star chart to unlock it. There were some restrictions like "over level 30" or "defence mission", but you could still choose your tileset and enemy faction even with that. Each resource could be found in multiple different mission types and in more than one place on the starmap (yes, even argon - there's a guaranteed argon resource crate in the weekly Clem mission). But now, we have relics which can only be obtained by doing those hideously boring and repetitive bounties rather than having our choice of the starmap in which to battle them. We've got rivens that can only be opened in plains missions. Arcanes, which used to come from their own unique missions, have been shoehorned into eidolon fights. The operator, which judging from DE's past and current releases will play a much greater role in the game as time goes on, can ONLY be upgraded from plains stuff. My guess is that DE released the plains, looked at the numbers of people playing it and went "huh, it's not as popular as we want". Instead of fixing the core issues there: it's repetitive/boring (eg. defend the vault, endless bloody fishing and mining), buggy (eg. enemies not spawning for exterminate bounties), has a bunch of arbitrary stupid mechanics (archwing requires consumables to deploy, can't use archwing guns or melee, you fall off your archwing if something sneezes at you, water has that most despised status effect of magnetism) and has crappy performance compared to the rest of the game (see also: earth tileset), they decided to break out the stick and force people to play it by forcing some rather important things to depend on it. We don't play on the plains because we don't like it. We hate that we're forced to do so because of what looks to us like punitive gating mechanics. EDIT: and the icing on the cake, for me, is that the new weapons from the plains - ALL OF THEM - needed to be grinded to L30 twice in order to get the mastery XP, and that you need to pay standing for the privilege of grinding them a second time. That basically sealed it for me. I didn't do any of the plague star missions, and I'm never touching another zaw.
  4. Is Lephantis on Steroids or Something?

    Lephantis is the first boss where DE introduced this stupid damage cap mechanic, Hek being the second. Because of this, the best weapons are bullet hoses where per-shot damage comes second to ammo capacity. It's from their era when they only wanted people to use the Soma or Boltor Prime (see also, nullicancer bubble shrink rate and damage caps).
  5. Please revert Sancti Tigris sound

    Patch 22.12.3 hasn't changed anything, it still sounds like I'm slapping a tarpaulin with a plank of wood.
  6. I've just measured the time between cast and ability timer activation, and I get 0.85s (8.5s cumulative for 10 tries). Not quite 1.1s for shield activation, but very close and very much a nerf from her previous state.
  7. For those of you who are on console builds (and therefore the "older" version of Zephyr), I have a request. I want some hard numbers for turbulence's casting time and animation lock. The new one has a lot more twirly crap than the old one, but it is possible that they sped things up to compensate. To that end, if you're willing to do so, would you be able to time how long it takes to cast turbulence (with no Natural Talent or other such effects)? The method I use is to hold forward, tap 3 (or whatever button serves that purpose on controllers) while still holding forward and start the timer. Zephyr will stop moving while she casts; stop the timer when she starts moving again. Do this 10 times and post the average here; alternatively, don't reset the timer between attempts and divide the final result by 10 (this is what I'm doing). I get 11.1s for 10 tries, or 1.1 seconds animation lock.
  8. Please revert Sancti Tigris sound

    Thirded. It sounds like you're slapping a thick sheet of plastic now.
  9. Glaive/Nullifier "Fix"

    They changed this a long, LONG time ago. It was the only reason I actually used my glaive - it's mediocre as an actual melee weapon, but it was able to kill nullicancer quite well. But then the nerfbat hit and I shelved it in favour of the orthos prime (and later on, the lesion) which is far more effective at the task of smacking things.
  10. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    Seeing as how the update isn't out yet, because it looks to be huge and because it's a damn Friday, I really think you ought to delay it until Monday. There are always bugs. Bigger update = bigger bugs. And with the balance changes, something's going to inevitably go wrong there as well. A weekend full of buggy and unbalanced game is not a good idea.
  11. Not really. An option to turn off the foliage would probably be the single biggest boost to frame rate - both on cetus and in the normal Earth tileset. But we lack such an option - and it's not even a rare thing, a lot of games which render foliage give a control for turning it up and down.
  12. A net buff for most of the weapons? What's the catch?

    Why? I like to think that their intention is to bring more variety to the pool of actually useful weapons. We've got an enormous quantity of guns and only a very small number of them will make it on to the list of weapons which a high-level player will settle on as their favourite. Making more guns good will increase the chances of you seeing those other guns, and I personally like seeing a wide variety of gear in action.
  13. Indeed, but the point was that Warframe's engine is much less demanding than Planetside's engine.
  14. Option to turn off taunt comms?

    Turning transmission volume down to zero does mute them (along with lotus, which is handy), but it doesn't get rid of the obnoxious video comms overlay. I want the whole thing gone entirely.
  15. Warframe's engine originates from Dark Sector which dates back to 2008 and ran on the PS3. And I can tell you for certain that Warframe runs much, MUCH faster than Planetside 2 on my computer.