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  1. The problem here is that the people complaining (myself included) flat out hate conservation and would never do it at all if left to their own devices. Doing a little of this and a little of that would not help here, as we (read: me, the OP and all the others who hate it) wouldn't even consider doing animal tracking and since the specific animals needed (avichaeas) almost never spawn normally, they wouldn't even be found by accident (as you can with velocipods, vulpaphylas and predasites).
  2. Conservation, and it's pretty obvious if you've been paying even the slightest attention to the forums after Deimos' release. That was never mandatory before and nobody that I know has ever done it for fun.
  3. So, what's the progress in fixing the bug where the host gets flashbanged upon loading the mission and putting back the option to turn off autoexposure?
  4. (corrections mine) With no mods against L40 corpus, that shotgun of yours is going to be as effective as walking up to them and slapping them. The only way I managed was Revenant (for contagious mind control, take the enemies' attention away from the cryopod, excavators and myself for the lowest energy drain per unit time) and spamming rapier charge attacks (for the guaranteed slash proc) - and that's useless now because slash no longer bypasses shields. And even that didn't work properly, because enemies pretty much stopped spawning half-way through the excavation mission and I had to sp
  5. I was very disappointed in it. The moment I saw Nora going "ohnoes, he's coming for me", I wanted to just turn, leave and let nature take its course. But noooooo, but thou must, but Nora has to still stick around jabbering crap into our eardrums, plastering moving posters on our screen and summoning armies of glass-holes when we're trying to sneak around. And the real stinger in the e-mail: "it's up to you to make sure he never gets loose again". I *can't* let him out. I've got a damn genie in a bottle here and I can't make my "STFU Nora" wish.
  6. Yes. You're paying money to make an arbitrarily introduced unpleasantness go away. It doesn't matter that you didn't buy the platinum yourself or who the money came from, all that matters is that it was spent on this. By rewarding DE with money on this specific item, you are actively telling them that it is OK to bottle off unrelated parts of the gameplay behind bullcrap grindwalls.
  7. So what exactly are the benefits from changing the engine and increasing the system requirements? "Oh, but it's new" is not an answer, by the way. The novelty of something is unrelated to whether it's good or not. Tell me: how long do you need to stare at the screenshots in the OP to see a difference - and is it even a good difference in the first place? It takes me a few seconds of looking at these stationary images to notice anything at all - which in this case is blinding glare on the Excal's shoulders and his Braton (and therefore a very bad thing, I don't appreciate being blinded). I
  8. Go equip an amp for your operator which uses the Shraksun scaffold then use the alt-fire. Come back after doing that a few times. EDIT: or use the Opticor or Ferrox.
  9. Maximum duration Limbo using the augment that heals banished allies was my approach. This is also a great way to handle the "kill more enemies than the grineer" mission - just banish them all and they can't do a damn thing. And no, I'm not trying to justify any part of that idiotic bounty mission (whether it's the shield drone that can't regenerate its own shields, or the fact that its AI is high on weed, gets the munchies and wanders off into the distance). I hate playing Limbo due to the rift toggle on roll ruining my fast movement. This is the first time in years that I've brought him
  10. The only reason its increase is that high is because virtually nobody has it (due to the pathetic drop chances which sit only at the end of a very long mission chain) and so the "it's new and shiny" factor didn't do much to the usage stats.
  11. All I can think about when I read this thread is how utterly stupid Microsoft's naming system is. At least with Sony, you know that the Playstation 5 comes after the Playstation 4, which followed the 3, etc.
  12. Bear in mind that this is the same DE which made the Warm Coat mod and made dedicated status chance mods which gave +15% at maximum rank.
  13. Necramechs. Big stompy metal death machines with equally big death cannons. They *feel* good to use, but there's one downside - namely that of the muzzleflash. The mausolon looks OK (see below) However, that's about the only one which does. Pretty much all of the other Archguns have pathetic tiny little muzzle flashes which do not match the kind of firepower that they give off. Below are the phaedra and the imperator vandal. Those muzzle flashes are tiny. That detracts from the satisfaction of shooting. Something that tiny feels more like I'm shooting an airsoft g
  14. And on that note, don't ever report a bug which benefits the playerbase (for instance, the one which lets you deal 2.4 billion damage hits through melee combo multiplier decay). DE obviously have enough bugs on their plate and it's in our best interest that they fix the unpleasant ones first.
  15. This. It's the reason why I use the Orthos Prime and very little else. Unfortunately, DE went and #*!%ed polearms up the arse just over a year ago and if you have too high an attack speed (read: primed fury plus a wisp, volt, valkyr or arcane strike), then their entire animation chain breaks. I consider wisp reservoirs to be the most dangerous enemy in the entire game because of this. Dual swords also suffered a similar fate, though I don't know how mobile their combo is.
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