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  1. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.4.0

    Fixes missing from this update: -Hema mutagen sample cost is 10x higher than it should be. -Sigils on right shoulder are rotated when the right dendra shoulder plate is equipped.
  2. This, I agree with. The detrons' killing power has been massively reduced since the mass shotgun secondary changes. Previously, most shotgun secondaries (eg. not brakk or pyrana) had no damage falloff which was an interesting counterbalance for their lackluster power vs. shotgun primaries and gave you at least some reason to consider them. Now that they've been hit with the falloff nerfbat, I don't see any reason to take my maratron instead of my marelok, which kills equally well at short and long ranges, and doing a better job of it as well.
  3. Kuva Fortress is a nightmare for me to navigate

    My computer's fine (most details are turned up to max, except for the ones which make the game look worse like colour "correction") and my eyesight is fine, and I still hate the kuva fortress. It's a horrible combination of tiny little twisty passages, stupid little bits of level geometry that stick out and which you get stuck on, and generally being a complete maze where getting from point A to point B on some tiles is some completely unintuitive path. In short, while it may look nice for screenshots and publicity purposes, it's utterly horrible to actually play on and so I never actually go there.
  4. If there's ever anything in range of my wyrm, it's getting procced. That's basically a constant growing power if you're on Akkad (which is where speed nova is most useful) I seem to recall DE making negative power strength causing speedy enemies an explicit function of Nova after enough people used and liked it.
  5. Stealth bug Update 21.2.0 ruining audio 100% tested

    I can confirm the first bit. I can't hear anything at all while invisible as Loki.
  6. That was indeed their response - it was stupid when they said it and it's still stupid now.
  7. Previously, aura mods gave objectively positive things - energy regeneration, more weapon damage, enemy shield/armour/accuracy reduction. Health regen too - though that might have been a negative for the brief period where Linkin Park Trinity was a thing. Now, however, we've got some aura mods which either have immediate negatives (empowered blades?) or seem good on the surface but start showing problems after a little bit (growing power). Empowered Blades: costs shields whenever you do a charge attack. In practice, this isn't an issue because nobody ever uses charge attacks. However, if the charge attack system didn't suck, then this would be a real problem. Especially for shield-tank frames like Harrow or Zephyr. Growing Power: I run speed nova. I do not want power strength. Simple as that. Mods with drawbacks are fine when they're applied purely to your own gear, since you purposely build around that. They are not fine when you force it on other players.
  8. If they actually believed it to be a mistake, they would have fixed it. Changing one number is utterly trivial. Adding a script to refund the excess spent is pretty easy now that there's a tracker for member contributions to the clan (sadly, it's still not itemised). No, they're dead set on putting the thumbscrews to their playerbase.
  9. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.1.0 +

    Bugs which remain unfixed: -Hema's mutagen sample research cost is still 10x too high. -Sigils on right dendra shoulder armour are still rotated
  10. Playable stalker? This had better be some kind of joke.
  11. Mobility is the core mechanic of survivability for every single warframe in the game. Bullet jumping is how one achieves said mobility. Every warframe benefitted equally from this (more motion = get hit less)... right up until DE hit Limbo with the nerfwork. At that point, the main survivability mechanic for everything which you control that isn't a small child becomes actively harmful to him. That is not good game design.
  12. Mission Sabotage Bugg

    +1. I can still navigate blind, but when I purposely trip the alarm and destroy the coolant cell, I can't stick the fuel cell back in the reactor and the mission remains uncompletable.
  13. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.4

    Hema's mutagen sample research cost still hasn't been brought back in line with the availability of said resource.
  14. When you go to escape --> communication --> clan, a window pops up showing the list of online/pending/offline members, if anyone in the clan is doing a non-solo, non-full mission (so you can drop in) and a list in the bottom right which contains a little chronology of clan events - arrivals, departures, completed research and active research. The chronology list is useful to see which things need feeding, but there are some research items which are never going anywhere (basically the hema, but also certain colour pigments like zanuka or hek) and as such they're just sitting there clogging up the chronology and obscuring other research items which actually have a chance of being completed (currently: scourge). This is very annoying. It could be fixed in one of two ways - either by adding the ability for (whatever rank) to cancel research and refund everything spent on it, or to give (some other rank) the ability to hide research progress from the clan chronology. That way, clan members will only need to see research topics in the chronology which can actually be achieved and current research won't be neglected because it's pushed out past the end of the screen of a long list of impossible things. (Yes. I know. The actual fix is to get rid of all the idiotically expensive research costs)
  15. Slash and Toxin shouldn't go through Overshield

    I'm fine with that. Toxin (though gas seems a bit more logical here) going through shields kinda made sense at the beginning. Slash should NEVER have gone through shields in the first place. That makes no sense at all - how the hell am I (or that corpus guy) supposed to bleed if whatever's hitting me didn't even touch me? Isn't the purpose of a personal shield like this to physically stop objects from hitting you?