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Pallas, Ceres oddness


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I had a couple of strange things just now on this mission.

First, there's a section with two areas that have lasers and stairways crossing over a toxic dump. The lower floor has two archways over a crosswalk with a crate to aid hopping up to the upper floor. Landing on the crate my MOA refused to move or take any actions (she stayed here the rest of the mission regardless how far I was from her) and Grineer knocked into the toxic dump vanished from the game. Mirage doing the same was returned on the crosswalk beside the crate as usual.

Second weirdness revolves around Sleight of Hand. I don't think it's meant to activate alarms yet I had an instance where Grineer Lancer sees me... triggers alarm (wish you'd tone the frequency they do this down a bit though), my MOA before the crate hacks it as expected from her Core option but on using Sleight of Hand the alarms tripped again and did so on recasting it at least half the amount of casts. I'm not sure it should be doing that....

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