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The War Within Loop



Do the Developers have any intention of fixing the bug that causes the War within to start over? I'm reading of people complaining years ago and I don't see a solution. That's an easy way for an awesome game to lose players. If the solution was found, please let me know. But outside of that I've pretty much had enough.    

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The solution I found, and hopefully it applies for you, is that it was caused by having a moa companion equipped. Could potentially be caused by kubrows or kavats but I dont think it is.

If you do have a moa equipped, you're going to have to prepare for some VERY quick inputs. Once you exit and reload the game, you'll appear in your orbiter, and after a few seconds the game will load you back into the loop. In these few seconds it is POSSIBLE to very quickly use the menu to access your arsenal, and unequip your Moa.

It took me a few tries on a controller and I had to use the d-pad on the menus to go fast enough. Might be easier on PC, not sure.

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