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Deimos Steel Path not giving reward on completion

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When Steel Path first came out, Deimos was the Derelicts. I completed the Derelicts before the change to Deimos, even getting the rewards like the Derelict decoration and emote.

However, when Deimos came out to replace the Derelicts, I have been trying to 'complete' it in order to get the Deimos decoration and emote, but to no avail.

I did the steel path bounty on the Cambion Drift, I redid every Deimos node on Steel Path, but I got no reward. No Deimos decoration, no emote, nothing. No acknowledgement from Tenshin that I completed Deimos either.

I do not know if I'm missing something, or if completing the steel path on Derelicts before Deimos has locked me out of 'completing' Deimos.

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