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REQ: New Resource Tracker/wishlist UI


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Warframe is all about grinding resources, parts, standings.

Considering the new helminth system which is mainly based on resource. Why not a tracker in the game? DE should let the user customize this tracker to appear on our UI as per our personal interest.

So as we progress through the mission grinding our resources we get to see how much is left.

1) Warframe to let us add all the needed parts to the tracker/list.

2) Tracker to show all the resources that hasn't met the requirement to be crafted.

3) Now players are allowed to customize what are the top 5 or 'n' number of resources to appear on the UI during missions.

4) As the UI shows how much of the necessary materials you have/you need, we can keep grinding the materials until we reach the target. Expecting the value to increase live as we run the missions.

5) There are people who will be grinding for helminth, so i personally feel it is better to let us choose top 5 resources to appear on the screen just to see how much we had before the mission and how much we have acquired, so that we will continue on the grinding until we desire.

6) Needless to say, DE to make this new feature in their own way with their extra useful ideas. If the tracker is not going to appear on the screen then atleast make it available to be seen in the menu during missions.


just something on the screen like this:

Argon Crystal >>>> Owned/Target

Scintillant >>>>>> Owned/Target

Void Trace >>>>>> Owned/Target


Hope to see this new feature on screen.



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