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PIERROT! the mime artist/contortionist


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REFERENCE: Pierrot is a name of a type of comedian, in the late 17th century, performed by Italians in paris!

Pierrot can also refer to Marcel Marceau, the first and most famous mime artist in his time, who took his look inspiration from Pierrot!

THEME AND PLAYSTYLE: Pierrot draws his powers from different kinds or artistic talents, he's an acrobat, a contortionist, a mime artist, and most importantly, an actor, capable of impersonating anyone he watches.


STAGED(PASSIVE): if Pierrot has less than 25% of his health he stages his death, entering a ragdoll state becoming untargettable by enemies and gaining 50% damage reduction to aerial attacks for 6 seconds, you cancel ragdoll state at any time by moving

Additionally, Pierrot gains 5% increased casting speed for every enemy in a 25 meter radius 

ACT 1: Pierrot observes a target for 1 second, then he contorts and changes his body to match the hitbox Size and Height of that target (it doesn't change how he looks, just the size and height proportionate to the target)

He gains a damage multiplier if the hitbox became larger than normal.

And gains dodge/evasion chance if the hitbox became smaller than normal

BARRIER: Pierrot uses his mime powers to imagine an invisible wall in front of him that deflects all attacks in front of it, you can create up to 6 barriers, and no one can pass through the barriers, you can create vertical or horizontal barriers based on your aim position, if enemies hit the invisible wall they are stunned and opened for finishers, you can stand on the barriers if they're placed Horizontally 

INVISIBLE GLIDER: imagine yourself riding an invisible glider which uses the mods that are placed on your custom K-drive!

MIMIC MAYHEM: Pierrot can lock on to a squad Ally or enemy

ALLIES: any ability animation that linked allies perform, Pierrot does the same using miming, and causes the appropriate effect to happen

This effect works exactly like Nidus' virulence when you use link on an ally

ENEMIES: linked enemies mimic Pierrot and mime the same action that he performs, which causes the appropriate effect to be real

You can have a total of 2 active lock ons, 1 ally and 1 enemy

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