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Feedback for small QOL UI changes (Subsume/Orbiter, Resources in-mission screen, Simulacrum)


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  Subsume should show numerical effect of frame mods (-+) on the hovered-over ability. Perhaps we can input loadout or frame + config? -> "Choose Config" "Use Current Config" "Reset" (reset sets baseline). Not having the numbers show hows mods are affecting them isn't that big of a deal, but just for QoL at-a-glance information this would be useful.

  The UI for collected resources can be a pain sometimes. Sorted by importance, what I am looking for when I press TAB isn't there for example on a poly/plastid collection run, nor by alphabetical.. I think a favorites system would be interesting where you can star (🌟) a resource and that shows at the top above all, in importance/alphabetical, just so we can have a few show at a glance. Sometimes for clan gathering this can be a useful tool, and having to scroll wheel repetitively if we just want a glance can get old. This probably isn't important to most people, but just provides a small satisfaction of 

'Advanced' simulacrum settings:
  A 'steel path' mode toggle for simulacrum. or perhaps worded better "Spawn as Steel Path Counterpart". Whether or not the enemy actually appears in steel path is kind of irrelevant, this is mostly for people who just want to fight certain enemies in steel path without having to run around looking for them, or fight under certain scenarios for fun.

  A toggle for automatically spawning a new wave of enemies in the simulacrum. This is also just for fun, but avoids us having to go back to the panel to spawn more enemies. This could have multiple settings.. nice ones would be: Always Spawn (when an enemy dies, a new one from the list of chosen enemies spawns anew) Wave Spawn (Spawns an entirely new wave once the wave is destroyed. When a single enemy is left in wave mode, a red marker should appear on the final enemy indicating that killing it would spawn a new wave (as a precaution that you could also get to the panel if you wanted in this period).

Perhaps on death have a list of options, if in advanced mode?:
"Respawn at panel and kill all enemies" (Stops automated spawning until 'go'is pressed again)
"Respawn at panel"
"Respawn" (default - sometimes death is an important lesson :clem: ofc.)

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