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New warframe concept


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My conecpt that I thought of is a warframe called Juggernaut. The main theme for this frame would be around buffing his guns and giving him and his allies increased gun damage. One of his abilities would be to create and aura around him where for a certain amount of time all weapons have unlimited ammo (or draw from reserves) and increased damaged. Another one of his abilities would be to "overclock" his guns and make them have a massively increased fire rate and deal heat damage but the longer he has this ability running he starts to take heat damge himself. One other ability I had in mind is that he could have a sort of throwable that will sit where he throws it like a mine but when he activates it again the mine will spring legs and find to closest enemy and explodes on them. But if he doesn't reactivates it and an enemy walks over it it explodes. His ultimate would be him bringing out his Exalted weapon which I am calling Judgement. The mechanic with judgement is that when you kill an enemy you get a small amount of ammo for judgement. When you activate judgment all that ammo is put into the gun which can either be fired like a mini gun or all ammo is consumed and fires one high powered shot depending on how much ammo is consumed. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this idea.


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