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Deimos Animals Not Spawning


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So how exactly is this supposed to work? I go to every marker I can find and there's...nothing. No nest, no tracks, no animal, nothing. I visited over a dozen markers and only found one animal that wasn't even at a marker and wasn't one of the two I needed.

I can't do an impossible task and if the targets never appear (the lures don't appear to do anything either) then the task is not possible.

And I have heard nothing about the Helminth system that makes this sound worth the effort. Even if we do customize our warframe powers, they'll just get taken away at the next big "challenge" anyway, so what's even the point? A prize in a game should be worthy of its challenge. Failing that, short and sweet is better than dragged out and irritating. Stop worrying about gating stuff and focus more on making the game fun.

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