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  1. You can only make visual changes to the archwing weapon. There's no option to change the appearance of the heavy weapon version that I saw.
  2. I find myself endlessly frustrated by these. Despite following every tip I could find, these things continue to prove near impossible to find within the time limit. I'm so sick of them I would happily take the option to just disable them off of bounty rotation forever. I'm frustrated with the fact that a methodical search isn't revealing anything, that loot radar keeps detecting nothing but irrelevant garbage (and has too short a range to begin with), and that the sound they make is so quiet I have to turn everything up too loud just to hear it or otherwise already be on top of them to hear them. And honestly, sabotage caches aren't much better. More than once loot radar had me thinking they were appearing in rooms I flat out can't access which is just plain cheating. This hide and seek is not fun and I've failed at them enough times that I don't want to do them anymore and don't want them getting in the way of everything else. I'm not interested in more tips. I just want these things either made more adjustable or gone completely.
  3. So I set a different color scheme for each of my Archgun presets and I noticed when using them on the field with the gravimag, it always takes Preset A's appearance instead of whichever one I had selected on the Archwing arsenal screen. I do not know if it also only takes Preset A's build, which would be quite problematic if it did.
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