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An idea that might work with blast weapons


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Self damage was removed, it was replaced with stagger, and although alot better (you dont kill yourself) it wont help you at all. What I am thinking of also wont help you, in a fight that is.


My idea is that blast weapons would blast you away, like most "grenade boosts" in fps games. But when in the air you cant attack, you can keep your momentum for all you gauss/volt/titanfall 2 players out there that crave speed. this wouldnt help you too much, but it could be a good addition to the game. you could also give people with the sure footed a mod that lets you do certain actions when being blasted away and primed sure footed owners would get one that would let you do anything while blasted.


Just an idea that could be put in the game to make it just a bit more fun. (might not work very well on fast firing blast weapons like the acceltra, I guess you could make the flying distance shorter so it just acts as a stagger that moves you a bit.)

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