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Corpus Ship tileset destroys sentinels


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This has been posted in feedback HERE, but this may actually rise to the level of a bug: enemies in the Corpus Ship tileset destroy sentinels extremely fast. Like, in seconds. 

No other mission kills sentinels like this. Especially when the sentinel is not a threat (no attack mods). 

Even fully modded sentinels die quickly in level 50-60 Corpus ship tileset missions. 

The setup below should not die in a few minutes, but it does. In fact, the only time it survives after contact with the enemy is during the immune to damage phase after dying. Otherwise it's health and shields are just shredded in seconds. 

Unless it is your intent that Sentinels should not be used on the Corpus Ship tileset then it is a bug. There is something wrong with the enemies in the mission, please fix it. 




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