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Returning player seeking a rundown



Maybe this is the right forum for this? I am a player, and I'd like some assistance from other players, so let's assume this is right. 


I used to play the game quite a lot...perhaps an unhealthy amount, but that's subjective and I'd rather you stopped looking at me like that. I stopped playing shortly after Fortuna released, before the big spidery eidolon things got activated, not for any particular reason it was just a busy time and I had been playing the game consistently for quite a while for many hours on average and just needed time away. From there life got away from me, as it does, but we're not here for my memoirs (coming soon to Amazon). Suffice to say, I've been away a while and I would like somebody (or somebodies) who are knowledgeable and hopefully helpful to just give me a basic rundown of the big things I've missed and should check out to get back into the swing of things. 

My clan has surely kicked me long ago, and most of my in-game friends had quit long before I did, so I've got nobody but you the hivemind to turn to. So feel free to assimilate, I will not futilely resist, beam your knowledge into my squishy brain matter please!

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