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  1. Nevermind, ignore my part about the Agendus. DE has some how made the same F'ing mistake like 4 times in a row, where base damage mods don't affect the heavy attack projectile. So while it is still more clunky than the Stropha, my build is only doing 28% of the damage it should be.
  2. Tenet Grigori - I don't have high hopes since the crit multiplier is so low, but who knows. Only practice will tell if its competitive with the Reaper Prime/Stropha. Tenet Livia - No special trait really, but its the new best 2-handed Nikana. Tenet Exec - Special trait sucks, and stat-wise I don't see it being better than the Gram Prime. Tenet Agendus - Looks like it would be competitive with the Stropha, but sadly its not. Otherwise its more-than-likely the new best Sword and Shield.
  3. No thanks. I purposefully build Nekros without SotD because it spreads enemies out too much, and the shadows aren't worth babysitting. So Sevagoth?
  4. They already did this 1.5 years ago. After level 75 armor now scales logarithmically, instead of exponentially. A pretty massive nerf to armor.
  5. I think it's been around since forever, just rarely do enemies do enough damage for it to be noticeable.
  6. "Warframes with active abilities gain 90% damage reduction upon transference, instead of immunity."
  7. I'd prefer not, so that frames can keep their personal identity. It's the same reason I don't like 100% customizable characters in other games, because it makes it much harder to have a unifying symbol for them in the community. But ultimately I wouldn't care either way if they did something like this.
  8. Except most people do that once the weapon is maxed... or at the very least go solo. Most zero forma weapons can't keep up with any frame, let alone DPS ones.
  9. The Saryn is doing just that, you should thank them in all honesty. You go to Hydron to level, not test builds. This game has individualized drops btw, so this doesn't do anything. The lights flicker, but I'm pretty sure larvalings can't spawn in defense. Never happened to me at least. --------------------------------- Saryn can be annoying at times when someone is using her where it's just overkill. But IMO you should never really complain about one in an XP farm. All they're doing is helping you 95% of the time.
  10. Oh I know, but then her range is really quite short. And Airburst goes through walls, but it can't pull enemies through them. So I just brought up LoS to talk about her best case scenario. Makes sense, as even before melee 3.0 (if you got the right tiles) Khora could out DPS frames like Saryn. But as soon as one was bigger than a single room, she fell right back behind again.
  11. She's got really good damage, but she doesn't have the coverage or the mobility that the long list of DPS frames in front of her have. On a max range build, if she has line-of-sight on anything within 25m, it's instantly vaporized as soon as Airburst pulls it. But that's only 25m in comparison to the 50m a lot of DPS frames have... and she's stationary. She's good, but I wouldn't call her a DPS in the majority of the game.
  12. I'd say no then, we don't need to two maneuvers that do the same thing. As when you jump while running, it's usually to air-brake your momentum, not accelerate it. What you find aesthetically preferably doesn't matter when it comes with so many negatives. With the main one being that the only way I'd imagine you could make a normal jump happen, is if you had no movement inputs active. Which would be hell for players that use analog sticks, and needlessly annoying on keyboard.
  13. Have you seen Wukong's usage stats recently? The stupid little stuff they do like add a charge mechanic to Vauban's 1 does nothing, of course. But when a frame actually gets a rework (mainly when Pablo is the one to do it), that frame's usage skyrockets. Look at Nezha, Wukong, etc... even Zephyr. Those multiple half-assed changes to her kit before did nothing, and then Pablo got a hold of her and now she feels great. You may not see her a lot because she's not a DPS frame, but I'm sure you see her a lot more than you used to. And if a rework sucks, of course it has to the potential to not be profitable; Because no one is going to buy them from the market, rush them with plat, buy their skins etc... But the same goes if you make a new frame that sucks (Yareli).
  14. It makes it look unique. And IMO it's fluid enough that it looks cool, and I doubt any other maneuver would look less "goofy". In video games control >>>>>> realism. And I think that's pretty clear when you look at something like the old Archwing controls compared to what we have now. Though if you're just asking for a alternative bullet jump animation, and not a new maneuver, then that's a different story I guess.
  15. Couldn't you also say that with ehp then? And Rhino's most popular augment allows him to to just that. (But personally I wasn't comparing them) Because the few places that has the potential to actually be used, not only is she massively outclassed, but there's no need. That's why despite how powerful some defensive frames are like Limbo, people don't regularly use him. Because you either don't need that level of defense, or just simply DPSing keeps the mission going. Even then, frames have access to stuff like Gloom, Shooting Gallery, etc... as a side thought to their DPS.
  16. It does not. Eximus auras may now affect their allies, but you still get your energy drained, ass knocked down, etc... Except shield strip doesn't really matter, so there are plenty of frames that rival her for this position (especially since if you really wanted, you can equip any frame with Seeking Shuriken). And Xaku, the frame you're talking about, literally has an ability that is the same as Chaos... but it's 10x better. Because why would frames want to copy a barely relevant ability, when they can just have better ones like Mesmer Skin? Your later point about its ability to protect more than just your frame isn't relevant in practice. Yeah, it's called your energy bar. @sunderthefirmament that was a bug, and it was fixed a few months ago.
  17. I said depending on the build. If you're just Inaros and full heal your fox every melee hit with Pack leader, sure. But using someone like Xaku and it's going to die a good amount, and if it's not you're probably killing things so fast the spores can't spread anyway. Etc... It only spreads in a 15m radius, and in the majority of missions enemies die too fast for it to even get a chance to hit them. And/or enemies spawn too infrequent for it to have anything to spread to. Well you read from 2 different sections. My Smeeta rarely dies in the other 90-95% of the game that isn't Steel Path. Where as the other part is from the fact that if you don't have a build that caters to the Panzer, it's going to die all the same on the SP and reset its spores. I mean your logic with the Smeeta example can be applied even more-so here. If my builds already instakill enemies outside of SP, and magus elevate already heals me on demand, why would you need those from the Panzer? Again, the entire game is not SP endurance. The Panzer really doesn't have a chance to be all that useful in practice while cooping in most of the game. Even in solo, if the Panzer seems useful, it's not because it's good, you're probably just running a mediocre build.
  18. I understand that, I was just refuting that guy's point. I know Panzers have their uses. And in SP I said they're worth using, as the spores can actually spread and normal companions die too frequently. The lazy part I referred to is the people that use them anywhere the Panzer's abilities don't really do anything, simply cause they can't be bothered to spend 5 seconds (once every half-a-dozen missions) to revive something that that teleports to you when it dies. Thus the people valuing Panzers past what they're good for. Sahsas are still great btw. Niche, but OP in that niche... Unless of course you're someone that just spams pads all the time.
  19. Which really doesn't happen outside of SP endurance. Even then, they're prized for dying and self reviving (which will happen a good amount in the SP depending your build). But when they die or respawn, their spores get nullified. And for the rest of the game, you're lucky if one enemy gets spores in something like a coop kuva flood, sortie, etc... Let alone any spore spreading. (Remember, enemies have to already be affected by viral for the quills to make spores.) So at a certain point you have to question, how important is self revival if that's all they can really do in normal missions? All sentinels in the game can already do that 4 times for the shorter missions, and my Smeeta rarely dies any way. So if you're doing 1+ hour SP runs, the fox is great; But otherwise, it's niche and overvalued by lazy people.
  20. Those 4-6min for the acolytes to spawn only starts if you're regularly killing mobs during the mission. P.S. The in game timer is bugged, and now starts counting when you finished your previous mission, instead of when you start your current one. (At least that's how its been showing in the mission complete screen).
  21. Helios as a melee companion got nerfed, and Carrier has been bad for a while. If you have to use a sentinel because your frame can't use beast companions, then IMO Deth Cube and Wyrm (with their Simarus augments) are the only ones worth using.
  22. Well you don't, because you're entire reply just restated the second line of my post.... I know why no one uses them, I don't use them, but at the very least they're designed well for that job no one needs done. Which is something you can't even say for a lot of companions.
  23. Their focus is crowd control, that of which rivals even many of the current warframes. But unless you're a CC God like Limbo, Vauban, etc... no one cares. And even then, it's only reasonable to bring stuff like that to a handful of missions. So they're not bad, just not meta... Unlike the bulk of the predasite/vulpaphylas that came just before them.
  24. Because do you remember the Velox? No, no one does. Bosses, as they always have been. It's the reason stuff like the Redeemer is still meta.
  25. No thanks. It's nice to remove abilities I don't want, and to have the pet prioritize the ones that I do. The best solution is for beast companions to get separate modding for their "weapons" like all other companions do. After that you'll have plenty of room for survivability/utility mods if you also want them to do damage. As IMO if you're not modding for damage, all companion builds pretty much fit everything you'd want on them.
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