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Visual effects (indicators) for certain mod effects like Rolling Guard


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As a big fan of fashion frame, I was thinking it would be cool if visual effects were added to some mod effects. 

It’s not like there’s any problem with the current state, but I just find it kinda dull that all the buffs from mods only appear in the upper right corner of your screen as numbers. 

I’m not suggesting to add visual effects to EVERY mod effects (especially if you include augment mods and companion mods) as that will make your computer explode with all the effect particles.

Ones I personally think worth considering:

- Rolling Guard’s invulnerability buff

- maybe give love to the Carnis set mods’ evasion buff? (Saxum and Jugulus already have their visual effects)

- Healing Return/Life Strike’s on-hit health steal. Perhaps also for Empowered Blades’ heavy attack buff, 

- Blood Rush/Gladiator set bonus’ crit,  Weeping Wound’s status buff and combo counter in general


I know I know.. there are tons of buffs from various sources but I’m just throwing the idea out here 

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