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2 SUGGESTIONS --- Alternate Melee +Speed Visual --- Add Spawn-Trigger for Acolyte in Steel Path mission last room.


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Instead of Frame increasing the animation speed, each +100 speed adds an ethereal sword repeating the attack 

it would work like this:

Example: weapon has +40 speed for mods

after every strike, a void copy of arms and sword used strikes again, with damage multiplied by "speed"/100, in this case 0.4 of the original

then .... if frame is buffed by abilities and reaches 170 speed ( valkyr buff for instance)

a first void sword dealing 100 percent of damage and then a second one dealing 70 percent damage.


It would incentivize and reward those tennos that relly learn attack stances ( old combos )  and solves the Year Long Problem of our speed being always not what we mod it for.



In Steel path allerts, make so that the acolyte can spawn whenever like normal, BUT if mission is completed, a triger must be added to the last tile or before the one with the extraction trigger, that spawns the acolyte.


It would fit very well with the acolytes, them being so persistent that they don't want us to finish a mission AND they are different every time, changing the gameplay somewhat.



(Sorry 4 bad english, gotta go, might correct it later xD)

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1 hour ago, BahamutKaiser said:

They changed all the old combos to button mashing. I wish they would replace attack speed with something that did the same damage with less button mashing, but than there's the problem with momentum and ground coverage. 

The way I see it, I love the method i described, as it retains both damage AND Status application.

By simply converting the speed to damage, you would attack less often, and that's a big NO NO, as many weapons want that and it goes against the combo counter mechanic incentive.


Lore-wise it can make sense as well, we already pull all kind of void crazyness from the Unum knows where :)

As it' a pretty radical change, this idea was part of a warframe itself, so that DE can test it and refine it without messing up every other frame. ( ex. shieldgating)


The alternative is releasing a series of mods that enable this mechanic if present in a build.

(it would be nice if more mods like these existed ... like corrupted mods ( Sentient/Infested/Corpus Liches are all good fit) that alter entirely how a weapon functions ... no need for 5 other Cernos -_-)


It would be a first tho, because every mod to my knowledge is "additive" as in not changing the way a gun works, just enhancing what the gun is programmed to do.

Or DE might have already coded it pretty well, so this would just be a matter of setting the warframe speed to the default amount and sending the final value to the "void speed mod" that spawns void attacks after every attack is called and executed.


I also would love it to take the energy colors of the warframe or the weapons ... you can't get more anime that that, c'mon !! xD

sword art online GIF

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