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Really that's it.

Why are players who enjoy using a controller unable to unbind the Ability Menu in Archwing and change it to Use Selected Power, or simply move it's bind location?

Is it a bug? A line of bugs that have been plaguing the bug team since the Deimos release?

Is this some new non-officially announced "Just how it has to be." thing?

I just would like something. Some form of "Yeah, this is just how it has to be." or "Nah, we're trying to fix a line of bugs that are forcing us to make unbinding the Ability Menu not an option at the moment."

I just really want to go back to enjoying Archwing and all of it's counterparts; Railjack, Uranus, POE, Fortuna, and now Cambion Drift.

Please, and Thank you.

" Ability Menu "

For anyone who comes across this who uses a controller, and is having an issue with the fact you can not directly unbind the Ability Menu, go to you normal controls section, and rebind "Activate Selected Power".

This will in-directly unbind Ability Menu from the Ability Menu section, and solve all of your archwing problems.

Yes, it was a bug that rebound Ability Menu in place. This fixes it.

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Congratulations. This post singlehandedly saved Warframe. 
That might be a slight exaggeration, but i've been trying to fix this problem for a week and had no solution until I stumbled across this post.
Archwing is playable, Titania is useable.
To clarify, bind "Activate selected power" to any button on your controller (I used Circle, my gear/consumable button) then immediately unbind it and go back to whatever you actually need that button to do. 
You don't need to leave it bound.

It's a very stupid problem to exist, and the fact that it still exists is extremely aggravating, but there is a workaround to fix it. 

Seriously, thanks a bunch. 


Edit: Actually no. The game will reset it back to the default every time you close the game out so you have to redo this 'solution' every time. 

Seriously. This is broken as hell and as far as I can tell, it has been for years. 

Can we just get this fixed please? 

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