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  1. Wrong mission. No mechs in Arcana Bounties. Only people in recruiting tab are dudes spamming Radshares. Anything you post will be drowned out in seconds, usually with no replies.
  2. Title: Was doing a saturn void-storm mission, actually got reactant this time (so that seems to be fixed) but once we got inside the pulse turbine, there was no computer terminal to hack, so we couldn't expose the first radiator. Had to abort mission. The waypoint was pointing to the door that leads back out of the station, but I ran around and found each terminal manually and tried to interact with them, but could not. Edit: Used the UI tag because that was the only one vaguely relevent. Seems like an oversight that the 'missions' section of the bug forum doesn't have
  3. Today I ran a two-round go of High-Rank Index and got 500k, with a 250k return. If I'm reading this correctly, the "return" is what you get after your initial investment, so I should have had a 450k return (having lost only the initial 50k investment) Instead I lost half of my total reward. Later I ran disruptions and got this. See how my mission reward was 437k credits? Yet somehow my total credits is only 385k? How is my total credits less than the amount I just got paid? Was I somehow sitting at -52k credits before doing this mission? Something is wrong h
  4. Same. I have the Eos chestpiece. I don't have any other parts. "You can't buy the full set since you already have one piece of it" How about you let me worry about whether i'm wasting my ducats or not, and just buy the damn item like I told you to, huh?
  5. To all the people saying "They have to load you into another instance for the corpus missions, because of AI limitations!" My only response is "They managed it wit the Grineer." Keep the tileset small, like the shipkiller platform. Throw enemies at us in batches, give us an exterminate mission. Have Ramsleds be continually launched at the station/ship that our people are in, and allow the railjack crew to shoot them down to add +5 enemies to the kill-count per ramsled. There. I just invented a coop split-party mission type using no more assets than your currently have.
  6. ...Why? Everybody I've met hates Corpus-Style railjack. They even coined the phrase Taxijack. We don't want to do regular missions in the middle of our railjack missions. If we wanted that, we'd stop playing railjack and go do regular missions. I especially don't want to do a damn spy mission with a bunch of randos forced onto my ship. That sounds cancerous as hell. if I start a space-fight mission to get a cool space-shootout with my cool space-ship and I get half way through and it turns itself into a public-mode spy-mission I'm going to abort. No. I'm not joking. Bo
  7. The railjack in cool when the missions work and don't break, and you get to fight lots of little ships without haivng to land or go anywhere (so... before the update, basically) and Mechs are just badass., Their guns are dope and the Voidrig has mortars which are amazing. Bonewidow kinda sucks, ngl. Oh, and neither of the two mechs have good melee, swinging that S#&$ty little claw instead of a proper melee weapon. Bonewidow's 4 fixes this, but it should be a free passive, and none of her other abilities are any good. Edit: Railjack's 'janitor wor
  8. Yeah, same problem. Really annoying that mine is trapped 'unranked' after it's Forma. Atleast I can fit a couple of decent mods into it to tide me over.
  9. This is what happens when DE glues a one-time event inside the star-map as a regular node, I guess. It becomes impassable to underprepared players due to it's gimmick. On the other hand, Voidrig is well worth building just for itself. It's Archgun is one of the best in the game (especially with it's charged alt-fire) and it's Exalted Mortars are amazing. I think that the ones that drop in the mission would be good enough to get you through. Especially if you went in with a public group. If you're strictly solo only then... you have to accept that you're making things much har
  10. Is there any way to queue up for a group doing the bounty that you want? Or even doing Arcana bounties at all? And if not, can we get one already? The bounty grind is already tedious enough without adding party-finder problems to it. Since Arcana bounties are only available by talking to Mother from outside of the tower, trying to reach them will most likely put you in a random group of open-world players who are probably fishing or something. You can go in in solo or invite-only mode to prevent that, but you can't switch away from that to open the party after accepting the bounty,
  11. Hmm. The ground team/vs solo play issue has me thinking. What if all the archwing sabotages worked kinda like crewships? You can board them and blow up the reactor, or you can blast them from the railjack with your big guns. You could either have the sabotage blow up the station entirely, or in more difficult missions merely remove damage-resistance from the station. The important part, however, would be that the station isn't invulnerable before you do this. Merely resistant to damage. This way you CAN just blow it up with the Dome Cannon, if you're willing to pump two
  12. The ability to toggle it on and off would be extremely welcome! I kind of want to try it, and I do like the idea of snapping my aim to the reticule, but you have to be able to turn it off if it's causing problems. Currently there is no way. Unfortunately, Alt-fire is your ordinance, so you'd need another control. Crouch, maybe? Speaking of lock-on, the lock-on missile with the ordinance removes the lock-on if another target gets too close to your crosshair, which is annoying. It keeps happening right before I press fire so my missiles just fly straight. Frustrating
  13. I think i've said everything I've got to say about the new RJ experience, so I figured I'd do something else as a palate cleanser. K-drive is currently in a kinda sad place because it's a mostly ignored system. It's not as fast as the archwing or as powerful as the nercamech. It has no useful skills and even the unique gameplay presented by it is... not great, tbh. The syndicate associated with it is probably the most commonly ignored amongst players. So what can be done to make it more fun and engaging? First up, I'm ignoring K-drive mods in this discussion. I know they
  14. Devs noticed that the only railjack mission people were regularly replaying was the one with no other objectives that just let you play the railjack. Shooting down fighters, boarding crewships and dogfighting across the skies. The one thing everybody wanted from the railjack. So naturally, they got rid of it and replaced it with missions that have maybe 2 or so crewships and 30 fighters, and then you have to do five waves of defence before you're allowed to finish the mission. Because that's what we all wanted. Right? No. Actually. It's not. I'm gonna be
  15. Railjack Controller support is currently missing a bunch of options to remap stuff. In ground combat you can map ability 1,2,3 and 4 seperately. In railjack you cannot. This means that while on foot I use the D-pad to cast my abilities, in the railjack some of those controls still work (2 and 3, to be specific) but pressing up on the D-pad to activate ability 1 uses the railjack camera instead. There doesn't seem to be any way to remap this, and the default ability control on the railjack of "R1 for ability menu" doesn't work. Pressing it just launches whichever a
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