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Can't mod arquebex at all and ironbride is not where it should be.


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Ever since I claimed my bonewidow modding my voidrig's arquebex became impossible.

I also can't mod ironbride while I have bonewidow equipped as it only shows up while I have voidrig selected.

Edit: I have tried to relaunch the game before and after the latest patch, it does nothing.





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Your Warframe and or Necramech has to be rank 10 for you to be able to see/mod the exalted weapon. Unless it's Hildryn, she has her exalted unlocked at lvl 1, because it's her 1st ability.


And yes, i can confirm that there is something weird going on with mods being removed from arquebex when switching between the two mechs. Not sure what causes it tho.

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Same here. I maxed both necrameh and i experienced this problem.

If i change mech, the exalted weapon stay and lost all mods. After this, if i open again the exalted weapon, i see the correct weapon without mods.

This issue always exist.

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