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Suggestion : Bonewidow is way too tame


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I finally get a affinity booster and start forma-ing , but in the process , I found it severely lacking comparing to Voidrig.

It's more like a bigger and slower Warframe , rather than the ultimate death machine .

Also why a melee robot has a one-side shield , while a range unit has complete invulnerability ? I feel like they got mixed up or something...

Anyway , here's my suggestion to make it better:


Allow usage while 2 is active


Increase HP , and also grant 90% DR from all side in addition to blocking damage in front .


Bigger range


Bump up damage by some extra 0s to match what Voidrig can do .

Increase range by 2m.

Reduce stopping after each slash to reduce overall clunkyness (optional)


there we go . Those changes should be enough to make Bonewidow equal to Voidrig in power level , and give player an alternate choice of mechanical to use.


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