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𝓦𝓣𝓢 ✨ 67 godly and demi-godly rivens for 44 different weapons! ✨ all prices are negotiable


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Please contact me via discord (Smurfdaddy#7419) if you want to buy any of the rivens!
All screenshots are taken with the disposition of the best variant the weapon has!
Mirror: https://riven.market/profile/Smurfdaddy


Featured weapons:
Akbolto, Aksomati, Amprex, Astilla, Brakk, Catchmoon, Cyath, Drakgoon, Euphona Prime, Fulmin, Galatine, Gaze, Grinlok, Hate, Hek, Ignis, Kohm, Kreska, Kronen, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Shildeg, Kuva Twin, Lanka, Lenz, Mutalist Cernos, Nukor, Opticor, Plague Keewar, Plague Kripath, Prova, Quartakk, Rattleguts, Sarpa, Seer, Shedu, Sicarus, Soma, Tenora, Torid, Vitrica, Vulkar, Zakti, Zarr

All prices listed:


Akbolto Visi-toxican 600
Aksomati Lexi-critatis 1.2k
Aksomati Saticron 1k
Aksomati Saticron 900
Amprex Vexi-satiata 400
Astilla Igni-visicron 400
Brakk Acrican 800
Brakk Acricron 800
Brakk Visi-critanok 1k
Brakk Visi-satitio 1.5k
Catchmoon Crita-vexiata 500
Cyath Vexi-cronitor 500
Drakgoon Crita-toxiata 800
Euphona Prime Visi-toxican 2k
Fulmin Crita-vexican 600
Fulmin Satiata 800
Fulmin Visican 600
Galatine Locti-critadra 1k
Gaze Acri-satiata 4k
Grinlok Satiata 2k
Hate Acridra 800
Hate Loctitis 1k
Hek Visi-fevacan 3k
Ignis Crita-geliata 1k
Ignis Sati-toxiata 3k
Kohm Geli-critacan 1k
Kreska Locti-critadra 1k
Kronen Acri-loctitio 1.5k
Kuva Bramma Sati-critatox 1k
Kuva Bramma Vexi-critaata 800
Kuva Bramma Visican 1k
Kuva Chakkhurr Acri-visican 4k
Kuva Chakkhurr Sati-toxitis 2k
Kuva Shildeg Locti-ignitis 800
Kuva Twin Stubbas Sati-acricron 4k
Lanka Visican 600
Lenz Visi-satitox 1k
Mutalist Cernos Sati-igniata 1k
Mutalist Cernos Visican 800
Nukor Crita-satiata 4k
Nukor Crita-satitio 1k
Nukor Croni-satitis 1.5k
Nukor Vexi-acrican 1k
Opticor Sati-cronitis 600
Plague Keewar Crita-loctiata 2k
Plague Kripath Acritor 500
Prova Cronitis 400
Quartakk Acri-visican 6k
Quartakk Visi-toxican 2k
Rattleguts Crita-acrinok 400
Rattleguts Crita-satinok 600
Rattleguts Sati-lexiata 1k
Rattleguts Visi-critacan 2k
Rattleguts Visi-satitox 1.8k
Sarpa Visi-vexidra 500
Seer Saticron 500
Shedu Satiata 1k
Shedu Visi-gelican 1k
Sicarus Satiata 600
Soma Satiata 600
Soma Visi-satidra 1k
Tenora Crita-cronican 2k
Torid Satiata 600
Vitrica Acri-cronitio 1.5k
Vulkar Satiata 600
Zakti Crita-igniata 800
Zarr Visi-toxican 3k


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