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Magnus Sound Bug


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On PS4 (might be on PC, Xbox, or Switch as well) when firing the Magnus, it has the sound of a casing hitting the floor after each shot. This is a bug because the Magnus is a revolver so it doesn't eject casings like an automatic pistol might (examples of automatic pistols are the Lex, Sicarus, and Lato).

Now the ANIMATION is completely correct though. No casings eject whatsoever, which is perfect and fine. It's just the SOUND of it's firing animation that's messed up.

I checked the other revolver-style weapons I had to see if they had an issue as well. I only have the Akvasto Prime, Pandero, and the Rubico Prime. None of them had any issues whatsoever.

I couldn't test the following as I don't own them: Rubico, Akvasto, AkBronco (not sure if it's supposed to be a revolver-style firearm but I'm guessing it is, but again not sure), Akbronco Prime, Bronco, Bronco Prime, Vasto, and the Vasto Prime. I could have missed some as I'm just reading them from the Arsenal screen so I'm not sure.

I'm on PS4 so it might not be an issue on other platforms, and it's most likely just the Magnus as the other weapons seem fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.

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