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(PC Bug)Isolation Vault Doors stuck shut for client.


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Was playing with a friend and had what seems like a client/host issue where the door was open for me, but was sealed shut for my friend. They couldn't go through, on my screen it was like they were hitting an invisible wall, on their screen the door was shut. Clarified by @Lillnex 

I suspect this is an issue with the client/host synchronisation system as we did get a but of lag, and another reason why I hope one day DE will implement Dedicated Servers for this game, it would solve essentially of these issues, along with the myriad host migration issues, especially on open world zones.

My friend was unable to collect the Isolation Vault loot reward because of this bug, so it was a pretty big deal and we were both quite frustrated.


See video on YouTube





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Hi, person affected here - I would like to correct one thing: The door on my end wasn't shut, it was wide open and it was opening and closing depending on whether I was distanced from it or not. I was just stuck jumping into an invisible wall. It didn't happen only once either, luckily previous times I already collected the loot. Seems to happen spontanously during the game, killing and reviving myself didn't fix it, neither did re-entering the vault. It's exceptionally infuriating that it stops me from looting the Iso vaults and some of the loot is exclusive to it ...

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Possibly the same issue for me and 2 friends today.

Was doing 2nd vault... we cleared the toxic area and were on the step to enter the vault area and kill necramechs.  My friend (a client, I was host) got through the 2nd door (the toxic area door), but for me and the other client, it was closed.  Client who made it inside, killed the necramechs and he left via an esophage.  The Iso vault bounty completed and we started the arcana bounty.  We went to go back down into the vault and the door was now closed for all 3 of us.

As you can see from the first image, Hodag is inside fighting Necramechs...

And in the 2nd image, we've come back to do the Arcana stage and door is now closed for all of us.85dc9d9a043a7a802943442ca6fb4e9e.png6a69717dd0232833ca3a06288f058ee6.png

Please make this bugfix a priority as it is a game progression stopping bug.



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