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Need More Match Making Options And Afk Kick Controls.


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I have a pretty good connection.  I hosted an NWN server for a while and never had lag problems, but I want to make sure that I am the host when I play Warframe.  Can we get some options so if you want to host you can host and always be the host?


And secondly, this event has brought out some of the worst I have seen in AFK leeches.  I have bailed out of so many games because 1 or 2 people were just sitting back at start just to get mission credit.  I would like to see host kick options and a vote kick system.  A timed vote kick system.


Once a kick order is cast the players have 15-30 sec to cast their vote.  Majority wins.  No punishment system needed.  Also, I would like to see a block list, so players that you have on it cannot join games you host and you cannot join games they host.

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