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Which Should Be My Next Warframe Mag, Volt(After Armor 2.0) Or Nova?



well as i said in the title i want a frame which are more a caster and i can have some fun and almost all their skills are useful (not just hit number 4 or 3 or one while the rest are useless as most of the warframe habilities), currently i have:


frost prime




banshee (though i dont like it anymore:( )



trinity (build her already, waiting at the foundry for next improvements on her skills and when i get a next slot or when i get bored of the other frames)


unfortunnally i dont have any free slot so im going to sell banshee anyway (even if she gets buffed and became a steath class as she is suppose to be im going to wait this her prime version comes out to build her and test it)


so which warframe should be recommended to build with the features explained above (or should be after the next update)? mag(either normal or prime version), volt or nova and which should be their best builds?


note: i had builded a ember but sell it already (waiting for her prime version)

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well i can only talk about Volt since i got him to 30 + potato.  people will already tell you to get Nova as she is a powerhouse right now


 - He isn't a good "caster" with 150 max energy at 30 all of his damage falls of vs heavy armored and higher levels ( i struggle vs Grinners over 60 using stretch/focus and the power helmet and infested just dont give a fk ) 


- He is very mobile and has good shields (i get  800-ish shields with high rank Vigor and Redirection ) and just don't equip Overload since it leaves you standing in the air for 3/4 seconds not doing enough damage


- Shock is "fine" as it kills rollers and ospreys in 1 or 2 goes and can do it in chains but that's about it


-Speed and Shield let you run from one place ->put a shield ->kill heavy units and run away and makes soloing things like Raptor very easy


TL:DR not a caster but a mobile DPS with guerrilla tactics , he's very fun to play tho and not hard to farm 

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Nova. Pretty easy choice.


Of course her Ult is what she's known for, but the rest of her abilities have uses.


Null star is a nice thing to just have floating around every now and then for extra damage that you don't even have to bother aiming.


Antimatter drop is fun to play with if you have a strong weapon and are playing a defence mission. At the start of a wave toss one out, fill it full of lead, and aim it to the large group of enemies headed toward you from spawn. Quite entertaining.


Worm Hole is a teleport. What more do you want, it's an easy way to get from point A to point B.

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Mag is extremely powerful right now and likely to see some balancing changes in the near future.


+Range mods and the new vault mods stack very well on her, and you can literally pull an entire room onto its face while dealing ~500 armor ignoring damage to them, for the astounding cost of ~6 energy.


Shield Polarize is also the only damaging ability in the game that scales with enemy level, and can deal incredible amounts of damage to high level foes (I'm talking 10k to level 100s)

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