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I've just reached Mastery level 7 at last. It took me 200 hours.


I'll craft Acrid cuz it is said to be the best weapon of the game.


I contemplate Lanka also. I'd love to test the only sniper gun of the game. But I'm a bit worried about crowd control. Dread has thunderbolt.


Is Lanka worth all the ressources ? Does it shine on specific missions ?

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Lanka is a very situational weapon, only for taking out high health targets. The charge mechanic and bullet travel time mean you can't be taking potshots, you really need to aim those hits.


All in all, it's more of a boss killer and for killing heavies/corpus techs/ancients. Aim for the weakspot, oneshot the target.


I do have 5 formas on my Lanka so I know what the gun can do, I wouldn't suggest too high hopes for the weapon as it's very situational.

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I enjoy the Lanka very much but I also have the snipetron vandal which is much more versatile. However, the Lanka its the most powerful single shot weapon in the game. Kills basically everything in one hit. But you really do have to get used to the charge and travel time.

Also I have the acrid. I do not enjoy it as much as almost any other side arms, but it is very strong.

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