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Petition for Raijack pvp


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I'd rather go with RJ raids.

Fomorian/Razorback invasions could be reworked into that.

First of all, make both invasion missions available on a daily basis. No need to keep up the "threat to relays" stuff, it's obvious there's no chance any relay will ever be destroyed.

Increase the scale of the battles. Grineer and Corpus fleet should participate in both invasions, and we will side with one of them depending on the mission. Allied fleet will mostly contribute to a feeling of grand-scale battle in the background, but will also help in distracting some enemy fighters and crewships.

Command Intrinsics should allow soloing these mini-raids via ordering NPC Railjack crew to do RJ tasks while the player is away.



Here we fight with Corpus fleet on our side. Our main objective is to destroy Grineer Fomorian, and it includes three steps.

The first step is about deactivating a forcefield that prevents Tenno from penetrating Fomorian's bridge. Railjack crew has to destroy a certain number of generators supporting this forcefield that are located on different sides of Fomorian. All this while dodging enemy fighters, crewships and Fomorian death beam.

Once the forcefield is taken down, away crew enters the bridge (like in the first trailer) and continues on foot. Charging through Grineer troops, away team gets to the room with an inaccessible console and Grineer Commander mini-boss. Defeating the mini-boss grants a key that allows access to the console.

Upon interacting with the console, Fomorian's lower part will open up, exposing its core. The core has two sets of components, one of them can be destroyed with Railjack turrets and Archguns, the other is vulnerable to Artillery strikes. While Railjack crew destroys the core, away team is occupied with defending the console from enemy waves. Teleporting to Railjack or teammated will be restricted during this phase and until the end of the raid.

Upon receiving critical damage from RJ crew, the core will begin to melt, and the countdown will be initiated. Away crew has to get to the exit with explosions all around. Then both Railjack and away team must get far enough from Fomorian to not get caught up in the final explosion.



Here we fight with Grineer fleet on our side. Our main objective is to destroy three Razorback units located inside the Corpus capital ship.

The first step remains the same: Railjack crew destroys a couple generators to deactivate the forcefield, which allows away team to enter the ship.

Away team gets to the boss room where three Razorbacks are located. The battle will mostly copy Jackal fight, the difference is you'll have to fight all three at once, and they will use different abilities between phases (missile barrage and nullifying field in addition to spinning energy walls).

Once all three Razorbacks are defeated by the away team, a short cutscene plays where the floor opens up and Razorbacks are ejected into outer space. There they quickly transform into unique crewships and have to be finished off by the Railjack crew. Away team can return to Railjack or assist RJ crew via Archwings.

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MMO PVP is almost always awful and frankly Warframe has done well so far by keeping it confined to it's own miserable little corner where it belongs. 
The addition of the conclave mechanic and how skills and weapons often behaviour differently in conclave to anywhere else was an incredible choice and it paid off extremely well. 

Too many MMO's are crippled by balance decisions focused on PVP content that cripples actual main-mode gameplay in an attempt to enforce 'fairness' during a battle between two wildly different classes/weapon types somehow, regardless of how little sense it makes. 

Railjack PVP could be doable, and it might even be fun, but it'd need to be implemented in a similar way. Where nothing from the PVP side of things has any effect whatsoever on the PVE side. 

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