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Railjack. Still broken. Getting whackier by the day.


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 Still experiencing game-breaking bugs in the new, new, new, (pretty sure this is DE's 4th try) Failjack. I'd say 33%-50% of my RJ missions can't be completed. Key objects not spawning (crewships, for example) or behaving correctly (enemies spawn, but instead of attacking they jog in place or do this funny line dance). Some enemies not taking damage correctly. Like my weapons deal only base damage (no mods). Abilities glitch to the point of needing to kill yourself to get them working properly (if your lucky). Yes, abilities would glitch before the update, but that was an uncommon occurrence. Now its every Railjack mission I play. Game idle (like switching to youtube for a guide) is still broken and likely WON'T be fixed. The list goes on. Damn, DE. What were you thinking, dropping this stank-ass, unfinished, untested bomb.  

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