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All Bugs I have Encountered 4/26/21


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I dont know where to put this, but here it is.
Please note that most of these were experienced by me and other players and almost all appear by random chance.


  • Bounty missions have a chance of automatically failing upon startup. The bounty mission will continue, but the Bounty will not; forcing players to quit to Fortuna. 
  • Toroids drop locations have a chance of not dropping anything at all (Also due to a domino affect of other bugs taken place such as wanted levels.) 
  • Wanted levels will vary between players (between host and non hosts) 
  • Wanted level beacons will sometimes have no affect and will not spawn any enemies.
  • Focus points on ores and gem mining has a chance to take up to 15 seconds to appear. 
  • Drop ships sometimes are held at a halt and float mid air and/or get stuck between other drop ships. 
  • Enemy spawning can drastically have long intervals between the next spawn, causing failures among many bounties. 
  • Enemy spawning can sometimes spawn under the map, causing failures among many bounties. 
  • There has been a series of “Lost connection to host” errors that didn’t actually happen. Everything returns to normal. 
  •  Drop ships can spawn close to the ground, while also dropping the enemies.
  • Cache bounties have a chance where the objective yellow circle markers can disappear, causing searches to be much harder.
  • On Cache bounties by chance, the cache sounds will be somewhere different than where the cache would be, causing many failures among bounties.

Mission bugs: 

  • Grineer backpacks have a chance of floating after the Grineer is killed. 
  • Excavation power supply enemies can spawn in irrelevant missions such as extermination missions. 
  • On Mastery Test MR 15, the player has the ability to jump outside the map right before completion of the test infinitely.
  • On the Assassination mission to defeat Jordas Golem, there is a 50%-75% chance of the golem getting stuck on the infested debris.
  • On the Assassination mission to defeat Jordas Golem, there is a 100% chance the extraction symbol WILL NOT APPEAR. Players must search for the extraction themselves.

Quest Bugs: 

  • Upon completion of the Tempestarii quest and returning to the drop dock, there’s a high chance of falling through the map in the dry dock infinitely. 
  • In the War Within Quest, on the remembrance to use transference, the camera will sometimes be out of alignment, taking shots of the Tenno's body instead of it's face.

Warframe bugs: 

  • By chance, when a critical chance mod is applied a weapon, any random mod can return that critical chance to default on the weapon. (SERIOUS BUG. DE PLEASE FIX)

Necramech Bugs: 

  •  By random chance, spawning a necramech will cause it to shake sporadically on the ground, even with or without being transferred in.


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