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Mission Result Tab Feedback


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I am not sure if this is a console exclusive issue, but I have some quality of life feedback that can apply on all devices.

First things, after doing railjack missions and trying to head back to the orbiter, the player will come up across 3 Mission Results tables.

  • When heading from mission to drydock; the semi-transparent one will show everything you got
  • When coming out of slipspace; the one with your warframe behind it either shows your loot, random credits or just nothing.
  • Finally, the one with the warframes also shows again after you return to the orbiter.

My suggestion is to just keep the results tab that pops up when your in slipspace. If a person wants to review their stuff when they arrive at both the drydock and orbiter, the "Last Mission Results" button can be used to look at loot again until they do a different mission.



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