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Infested lich concept

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We have kuva liches and we are close to getting corpus liches or "sisters of parvos" but nothing on infested liches. I thought of a way infested liches could be implemented that is similar to a kuva lich but vastly different. So here it is.

You start out by generating a lich by selecting a special mission type which is a regular mission but it has a bonus to it which is a heavily armored infested boss that tries to kill you throughout the mission. You can kill it or shoot it in a spot on its back to paralyze it, rendering it harmless if you don't want it. If you do want it, you kill it and when the mission ends you get a cutscene where a large infested drone drops its corpse in front of an infested hivemind which injects it with a specialized strain that revives it and gives it tumor cells which will make it replace dead or destroyed cells at a rate faster than you can destroy them, making it unkillable.

Now onto how you fight it. The infested lich travels to planet after planet, "duplicating" itself to enforce it's planets. There will be 1 clone on each planet it controls that will fight you once you get into it's planet node. When it is almost dead, it will open up a glowing sac on its back in an attempt to heal itself with tumor cells. While this is happening, you will have 15 seconds to shoot the sac with your "Syringe gun" (Couldn't come up with a name for it). If you succeed and drain the sac of tumor cells the clone won't be able to heal itself and dies on the spot. If you can't do it then you have to restart the process. After you kill the clone and get back your orbiter, ordis examines the tumor cells you extracted and says there is a slight match in dna and can come up with an antigen that kills the tumor cells if you can kill the other clones. The original infested lich generates a new clone every hour so from there it's a race against time. Once you kill all the clones ordis will synthesize an antigen that will kill the tumor cells. 

And lastly, this is how you kill it once and for all or convert it. You go to the main node which is it's "domain". The lich will give itself a boost in tumor cells before the fight, making it harder to kill. Once you get it to low health, it will open a sac that contains tumor cells which will make it regenerate health. During this phase, you shoot the sac with your syring gun that i filled with the antigen, making some of the tumor cells die off and the rest will become weakened. Repeat this step 3 more times and the lich will fall to the ground, from there you can kill it by overdosing it with the antigen, if you do this it will give the weapon you killed it with a mutation that increases a random stat and can determine how much it increases, depending on the level. If you convert it, you give it a smaller amount of the antigen which severs its connection to the infested hivemind, and will make it turn to you for commands. If converted, it will spread to planets and make clones of itself again, but this time they will come to your aid if you are having trouble in a mission. The main lich will become a companion, similar to a kubrow or kavat.

That's it for my infested lich concept

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