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Syndacites Overhaul

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Factions in are a major world building element in any story a write wishes too convey. For our Tenno's coalition we're joined up with various other groups known as syndacites who all have seperate agendas, and i wish to see these play a larger role in Warframes story.

Story missions
Side stories are great for expanding the universe, but we're only limited too a few syndacites having side story missions (so far) and is something I hope is thoroughly continued.

Syndacite weapons
Every sub faction is shown too have 3 weapons available variants of already existing weapons but a list sorely lacking in variety and potential. These weapons over all have given a partial "mid tiered" weapon too rosters of player BUT can easily be expanded to provided a more mid grown weapon class (which prices would need to be dropped). Not only that there can be set themes among the syndacites weapons such as:
Steel Meridian: grineer weapons
Red veil: stealth based weapons
Perrin Sequence: Corpus weapons


Culture and Equipment
Syndacites are shown to have motives, background, and assets yet we are never shown this in game nor comics. My resolution is to include ships and unique assualt teams to aid or harm players progression in missions (not just basic specter army). Possibly even allow syndacite skirmishes to show their rivalries, but over all it'd provide random unique gameplay and additional story building.


Overall i just want too see the syndacites mean more than just a step up from fringe colony.


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