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Railjack mission issues and reward issues


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I looked up epitaph if I could trade it and https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Epitaph says All parts can be traded between players. and its a lie the epitaph bp can not be traded. Now on to the missions your ship has a major glitch I was in a mission (happens in all railjack missions I tested it) it says a I have a electrical hazard but I repaired it but still can't use omni no more. Then there is the necramech not able to be deployed. You can deploy in the 1st mission 75% of the time (Well for me at less) but if I try to do a 2nd mission it will be grayed out sometimes i had it 50-50 chance of using on 2nd mission but 4rd i would be able to use it but it will gray out the 2nd or 3rd time I called it. The big problem is it changes after time 1 time i can't use it on my 3rd mission and sometimes I can make it to a 4th mission. I would love to use it on the orphix but it glitches out (grayed out).

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