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Stutter because of Loading issue still remains ;-;


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Playstation 5 seems to have solved it by making every costumer use a ultra fast  ssd.


For Warframe, MAYBE put an option in the launcher that ( similarly to Elite Dangerous ) processes the shaders when the game is started? and saves it in thr TEMP folder until the PC is shut down, or the pc cleans it after a period of inactivity?


I'm an idiot, so i would instantiate every possible spawnable object at the start of the mission xD but I hope you have a solution cooking, as it really is the last small/big issue that hurts the game.


The downside of using memory is that you effectively put a limit on the detail of your world ... or alternatively, you have to code the world to be able to be partially built in runtime, saving the info as a series of text files that just say to the engine, "what" to put "where", among basic entities that have already been instantiated and can be batched togheter .... if god allows it that is.

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