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Aura mod in non aura mod slot after removing skill of augmented subsumed skill


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Steps previous to the bug:

1- Had subsumed pull from mag on my nova using augment greedy pull.

2- Removed subsumed skill in the helminth from all configs and applied it only to config C.

3- The aura was installed in the slot where my nova augment was prior to removing the subsumed skill and recieved the message "Aura mod can only be placed in aura slot" after entering the upgrade part of the warframe but the mod was still there.


I don't know if it worked or it had a mechanical implication, didn't want to test or mess with it in case it was flagged somehow. Hope it helps, keep up the good work.


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I messed around a bit with this a while back and found out only the aura mod in the "regular" mod slot applies its effects, the aura mod in the aura slot gets unequipped when heading into a mission. A fun bug, but nothing gamebreaking or even practical. Generally, it only messes up your mod capacity and prevents further modding until the faulty aura mod is moved to its proper slot or unequipped. 

The way I got it to trigger was having different subsumed abilities in different configs, which various augments in the same mod slot across all configs. Swapping config order replaces the missing ability augment with an aura mod.

Fun fact, you can even make it determine which aura that gets equipped by the name of the augment. It picks the closest aura mod upwards alphabetically from the augment name. :)

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