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Arsenal Weapon UI: Misleading Damage Display


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Was just thinking, something that is still misleading to me occasionally at a glance is the current damage UI in the arsenal.
As with it's current state, if you have a weapon with natural multishot above 1.0, you are not able to determine the damage per projectile without doing some math. The other issue is that with weapons with exactly 1.0 natural multishot, they will not list the damage per projectile even once modded for multishot, since it only shows the total damage per shot.
Here is the current arsenal UI.

Pictured Below, Current UI
Left: Weapon with innate multishot value above 1.0.
You can see it doesn't properly depict the total damage per projectile.
Right: Weapon with innate multishot value of 1.0 modded to be above this value.
You can see it doesn't properly depict the total damage per projectile.


To address this UI issue would be simple, make it so regardless of having natural multishot or not, the UI will reflect the total damage / projectile. For weapons with 1.0 multishot, this would simply be the only total damage number shown, as it's damage per projectile, and the weapon only fires a single projectile at a time. If a weapon has more than 1.0 multishot, naturally or modded (doesn't matter), it will reflect the total damage / projectile in the UI, and then below this it will also list the total damage / shot.
Now, with multishot, since you can have decimal values, like 1.7 multishot, it will simply round down to the nearest integer. If your multishot is 18.2, the listed total damage / shot value will show the total damage for 18.0 multishot.

My suggested changes are below, the little math component does not need to be integrated into the UI, but it would make it easier to understand for new players that do not already know about multishot and it's function on damage.

Here are the two screenies I edited to reflect my suggested changes.


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