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Different outcomes in races


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Yesterday me and my buddy tried to find out which Gauss of ours was better, so we raced in Orb Vallis Captura.

Now, when I passed the set finish line, I pressed G since it stops the time in Capturas.

In the screen I was seeing, I was in front of my friend and seemingly won the race, but my friend saw something else in his screen. Here are the photos:

1. This one is from my screen, the yellow sparkle behind me is my friend, and the Necramechs the finish line.XMogiWe.png

2. This one is from my friend's screen. Just like the last time, the yellow is my friend and the one with red sparkle behind him is me.


Due to this, we can't have definitive race outcomes. I would love to have a fix to this if it is possible.

Cheers, and stay safe Tenno.

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I think this is due to how the game handles the actions of other players.

Instead of always showing where the other player is, the game shows their movements slightly delayed and even adds some inbetween actions on its own.


If you want to have a race with a photo finish, find someone else to host, with as little ping difference between your friend and you as possible, but that is pretty tricky.

Otherwise you can stream your run online or add a timer and record it offline, make sure you both start the timer exactly at the same time and then review the footage.


Your third option is to wait for official servers, but even then a ping difference and/or how the game will handle the netcode on your side, will make very even races hard to judge.


4th option you should skip reading:

Wait until after DE has turned off the official servers and for someone to create a playable LAN version of the game, meet up IRL and see who truly is the best Gauss.

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