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Ivara + Vulpa Phyla bug? or intended?


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When vulpa phyla dies and reverts to larval stage, it is not stealthed from Ivara's prowl. This causes the enemy to fire at the larvae in the players general direction and Ivara gets barraged even in prowl, no matter how far you flee, Vulpa Phyla is there next to you as the intended target. The same with when it comes back to life.

Secondly, although the remedy to the aforementioned problem is that they can be re-stealthed by re-applying prowl, leaving Ivara vulnerable for a split second, when navigation is used, Vulpa phyla, in both larval and kavat status, become unstealthed and have to be re stealthed by removing and re applying prowl. This must be a bug or a grave oversight because it's a tall order to have to keep re applying prowl when navigator already has innate prowl when activated, which is what I suspect the UI script is running; to unstealth this companion after navigation is expired/expended while Ivara maintains prowl, and the companion "forgets" it was originally in stealth mode... Please fix, even if its intended, a tall order and huge waste of unnecessary energy for a latent effect already active and running by Ivara's ability.

Further additive solution: use the already current kavat mod for smeeta to also apply to vulpa phyla where in that "after kavats owner uses x-amount of energy, kavat gains stealth for x-amount of seconds upon end-cast animation or when ability expires" so that way the UI script can be sustained to be refreshed instead of reverted, then diverted to original status, which would require two scripts, one to identify and meeting conditions, and another to execute satisfied perquisites.

addendum: its asking me to select a tag because its required. I don't see any relevant, or most associated other then AI, although it is a back drop run exe that is there lacking for the companion transitions.

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