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His 1 will be health regen increase and for the health you heal in x time period it gets put out into your next attack (Second Wind would be the ability name)

His 2 will spread like saryn spores and for each primary shot that lands while the ability is active gets put on each enemy affected. (stacks with Second Wind, would be called Big Shot like the song)

his 3 would be kinda like a ability that is placed, it starts by small damage while a harmonica plays and the damage is periodically sent out to anyone in the circle. As the harmonica slows and ends, Billy Joel starts singing and it puts the enemies in the circle into tears moving them to their knees and passive. At the first mention of "Piano man", it turns the enemies into allies like Revenant's 1 and is similair and can spread (Ability is called Pianoman and is 1/2 of his abilities that actually play the song. Base duration of the ability is 5:39)

His 4 will roll a dice 3 times that pick from the events in his song "We Didn't Start The Fire" and those 3 events will be put as a effect and applied to anyone nearby. For example,
-Birth Control

Woodstock will place those in range into a "Passive" state where it attacks nothing and walks as if nothing is happening but is also not on your side. Armor is stripped by 50%. Has a chance of 2 of the effected enemies to die, can have the chance of 3 kid models of grineer appear randomly (unkillable and non-aggressive).

Watergate will give you information, marking all resource nodes throughout the map and things like cephalon fragments and somachord pieces. Wiretapping you into enemy comms to stop whistle-blowing and making it almost impossible for alarms to go off. With a 25% to fail however and the Lotus catches your lowers and to look like the bigger man to the public you leave the mission (forced)

Birth Control force kills 10% of the enemies instantly but doesn't count towards anything, doesn't drop anything, just removes their existence

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this is the kind of creativity DE needs right now. this would save the game and give veterans a reason to return. overall just a fantastic frame idea. hope to see it added to the game in 2023 after DE purchases the rights to Billy Joel's entire discography

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